I have clutter everywhere and I am also a bit of a hoarder so decluttering is something I really need to get on top of. I have been gradually trying to reduce clutter and thought I would share with you some tips I have found helpful.

They don’t mean you have to throw away all those sentimental things because you don’t need to. They do however mean you have to think realistically about how much you use things. Be brave and remember if you want to have a clutter-free house you have to be ruthless.

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The easiest time to declutter a bit is when you are already cleaning so with this in mind here are my suggestions. Remember reducing clutter not only means you have less to dust around but also reduces the risk of trips and falls especially in older people.

Tips to reduce clutter

If you are constantly dusting it but don’t like it, use it or need it then maybe it is time to chuck it?

Each time you clean add an extra 15 minutes to declutter an area. Sometimes you may complete a whole room in that time, others just a drawer but the little extra time will be worth it.

Think about the way you store things, would different furniture help? Using something like sliding door wardrobes could mean the floor space seems so much bigger. Not to mention that if they are the full height of the room they will fit more in than freestanding wardrobes.

If you don’t wear it then get rid of it. With more space in your wardrobes it is easier to hang clothes up as soon as needed rather than having piles of washing folded around the house waiting to be put away.

Use your car as storage space – ok this isn’t necessarily great for fuel economy if it is something heavy but it works for some things. In winter I keep bottles of pop in the car to keep them cool. This also frees up kitchen space to reduce clutter! The ten thousand carrier bags need to be thrown away or at worst put in the car boot. A few simple things like that in the car can make a difference in a small kitchen.

Under bed storage is amazing. If you can use it for whatever you fancy. If you do it carefully and tidily then it can move lots of clutter from elsewhere.

Get a letter rack. I am looking for one I like because it will make such a difference. We all have piles of things to do or letters received and they look messy. Pop them in a rack and it is instant tidy!

Cosmetics and toiletries – this is something I am terrible at hoarding. I hardly ever wear makeup yet I seem to own lots. Frequently I buy new items when I see things I like and still don’t use them. Yet I have two full shelves of them in our bedroom. They definitely need sorting into a smaller area.

Old toys – Why do we keep them? Get rid when the child is at school, they will never know!

Sentimental baby items. The last few items I have sorted these out and got rid of lots I have followed a simple rule. If I couldn’t remember it before I opened the box it isn’t that sentimental and it can go! I still have far too many things but it is gradually decreasing!

Do you have any little things you do to help reduce clutter in your home that you could share? Do comment below and help me with ideas!

10 ways to reduce clutter around the home

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