We hear everywhere that soon there will be 9 billion people on earth and that it is vital to produce more food. In particular, it is an argument to justify the maintenance of intensive agriculture, monoculture, GMOs, pesticides. Too much food is thrown in the bin. Here are 15 very simple ways to reduce food waste.

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Prepare a meal plan

Preparing the menus for the week makes it possible to manage what is in the kitchen better and, therefore, to avoid food waste. We know exactly what we need since we know what we are going to eat. Making meal plans also saves time, both in the shops and daily.

Take a list to the shops

If you do your shopping with your list in hand, you are less likely to be tempted by specials and attractive products. We make 70% of our consumption choices at the store. Impulse buying represents 20% of our supermarket purchases. Also, with a list, we do a lot less emergency shopping throughout the week.

We, therefore, establish a shopping list based on:

  • Meals that we have planned for the week;
  • The number of people who will be at the table for each meal;
  • What we want to eat;
  • What is left in the cupboards and the fridge!

Go shopping at the right time

Shopping while hungry naturally leads to buying more. The ideal is, therefore, to go to the store after eating. Or at least without being hungry. This avoids buying too much and reduces the risk of food waste.

Buy some foods in bulk

Buying in bulk allows you to take the exact amount needed. On the other hand, pre-packaged foods require the purchase of the quantity specified by the manufacturer or distributor.

Buy only what you need

Adapt the quantities purchased to the needs of your family.

Check the dates!

Check the expiry dates before buying your food, transport your frozen products in an insulated bag, or buy them last!

Remember best before dates and use by dates are different. If you think something looks ok after the best before date then it probably is!

Know what you already have

Take an inventory of your fridge and food cabinets before shopping. This can be done with a list but why not just take photos. I am forever leaving lists at home but rarely leave my mobile!

Store food at the right temperature

Store fresh food in the refrigerator at the ideal temperature (+ 5 ° C) and in the freezer (-18 ° C) for frozen products.

Rotate your fridge contents

Store what needs to be eaten quickly in the front of the fridge.

Save leftovers properly

Let your leftovers cool for 30 minutes before storing them in the refrigerator, without waiting more than two hours for safety reasons.

Store your leftovers airtight in a glass container to avoid humidity, which would lead to overconsumption of electricity, but also to the proliferation of bacteria and odours.

Label frozen foods

Before storing food in your freezer, remember to write down the packaging date.

Don’t stuff your fridge!

Do not completely fill your refrigerator to facilitate air circulation to manage the temperature of your food better.

Organise your freezer

Manage your stock of frozen food by regularly putting above or before the furthest dates.

Use leftovers in new meals

Plan meals to reuse your leftovers with these few tips:

  • Make compote or pies with your fruit and vegetables that are a little damaged or overripe;
  • Consider roasted vegetables to use leftover vegetables;
  • The leftover pasta and rice may arrange salad or gratin.
  • Meats and fish can end up in shepherd’s pie, skewers or croquettes.
  • The bread can easily be made into French toast, croutons, bruschetta.

If you really can not use anything find someone who can

Could you donate to a food bank? Have you seen the food sharing and meal sharing websites and apps? Have a look and see what you can do with food before resorting to wasting it completely!

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