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A new relationship can be a lot of fun and you may feel joyful and happy. However, it may also make it harder to stay with a diet and could even make you gain weight. This may even be true for new marriages and older relationships as well. 

While healthy, positive relationships may cause weight gain, it may be a significant issue with toxic or unhealthy relationships. A poor relationship may cause unhealthy coping methods like stress-eating and could even contribute to worsened mental health. However, you can check out BetterHelp to find a couple’s counsellor or an individual therapist to improve your well-being.

While it may seem odd that both bad and good relationships can cause weight gain, there is evidence that shows that it is true. But what does the research say and why does this happen?

Wedding day after weight loss

New Marriages

The honeymoon phase after a wedding is usually a joyful and exciting time for a couple. The bride and groom may have put in a ton of effort to look good on their wedding day. They may have increased their exercise frequency or avoided excessive calories more than they normally would, which can cause weight gain in the months following that special day. 

The research shows that married women tend to gain 24 pounds in the first 5 years of their marriages. Part of these statistics could be caused by pregnancies, but that surely isn’t the only factor. This is especially true considering that men are also likely to gain some weight after their wedding day. 

There is additional evidence that young spouses in a happy marriage are more likely to gain weight than couples who are less satisfied in their relationships. One factor that could contribute to this is the fact that happily married couples are not as motivated to attract a mate and maintain a healthy weight. They are also more comfortable around their partners and what their partner thinks about them.

Furthermore, if one person in a married couple becomes obese, then there is a much greater chance that the other one will become obese. This is likely caused by behaviours that meld together so that both spouses have similar lifestyles and eating habits. 

What are the Causes of Weight Gain in Marriages and Relationships?

There are likely several different factors for weight gain in marriages and relationships. During the early stages of a relationship, there is probably a greater likelihood of eating out because of dates and separate living situations. However, many restaurants are known for offering high-calorie meals. 

Even when eating at home with a romantic partner, it can be very enjoyable. Relationships involve eating together and shared meals and conversation could cause you to eat more because of the joy that it brings. Instead of stopping as soon as you feel full, you may find that you continue to snack as you talk with your partner. You may even be less likely to choose a salad if you are with someone else. 

Couples who are happily married are most likely less concerned about their appearance. They are comfortable with their partner and may not think that a few pounds are that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things.

What Can You Do to Manage Weight in a Relationship?

There are some things that you can do to manage your weight in a happy relationship. First, you may want to start exercising together. Not only does it maintain a healthy weight, but it can also be more enjoyable than exercising alone. Plus, your partner may encourage you to exercise when you are feeling lazy. 

You can also try to eat out less. When you make your own meals at home, you may be less likely to choose high-calorie, high-fat, and high-sodium foods. That isn’t to say that you should never eat out but be careful with how often you do and what food you choose. 

Keeping healthy snacks around the house can be a great tip as well. If you can easily grab an apple or carrot stick, then you are more likely to do so. However, if the only easy-to-grab snack is potato chips, it makes it much easier to go with the unhealthy option. 

You may also want to consider changing your date nights up. If you find that you generally go out to eat when you are dating, then you may want to try to take hikes or go kayaking. This can be just as enjoyable and healthier. Also, consider the number of calories you are consuming with wine or beer during your date.

Finally, you may just want to think about talking to your partner. If you are concerned about your own weight, then they are likely to support you in your weight loss. Dieting together can be a really good thing for a couple and your partner may be gaining weight without you even realising it. 


Weight gain may be common when dating and with happy relationships. However, it does not have to impact you. Try to incorporate exercise into your dates or start to work out together a couple of times a week. You may not only find that you are losing the weight that you gained, but that you are also having a better time with your romantic partner. 

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