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Now the sun is shining it is easy to look at your house and feel like it needs so much work doing. The reality is no one has an endless pot of cash so these tips should help you spot some cheap and easy repairs you can make. None require great expertise either so should be easy enough to do yourself.

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The outside of your property is the first thing you see when you arrive home from work. If it is depressing you because it needs some repairs this could be a simple fix. A new panel or two if needed can be really low cost from local fencing suppliers and a new coat of fence stain could make all the difference too. Surprisingly if a little bit of fence has come loose you may even be able to discretely fix it with some tape!

Misted double glazing

If you have old leaking double glazing don’t panic that you need new windows. It can be quite inexpensive to get a repair done. A professional can remove the pane and clean and reseal quite cheaply. This is probably a job to leave to a professional though.

Draft from doors or windows

If the area around your door or window is a little cold and has a draft don’t panic. Finding where the seal is damaged or which bit is causing a draft is the hardest bit then a quick repair with tape should do the job. Seaming tape such as those from Viking tapes can be used to act as a durable efficient barrier to lock the air out and keep your home insulated.


If you have damp around windows have you considered that wiping the walls with bleach and opening the window more often could help. If it is condensation rather than rising damp this could be your answer. Moving the room around so there is more air flow around the outside walls will help too.

Flooring repairs

If you need to hold down a bit of flooring that has come up then by far the easiest way is with double sided tape. Doing it this way takes seconds and can make the floor look good as new or certainly last until you can afford to replace it.

There are so many things around the house you can do inexpensively with tape you would be surprised. Check out the range from Viking to see which is best for the job. Including a reflective tape from Viking tapes which I can imagine would be so useful! Luckily if like me you are a little unsure on these things they have created the below e-book to help you out.

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