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Kids have so many toys, but there is nothing quite like robotic toys for kids. Robots are so much fun and there are quite a few benefits to having the gift of a robotic toy for your child too.

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The Benefits Of Robotic Toys

Although regular games and toys are fun, a robotic toy can bring so much more to a child and the rest of the family too. There are so many different robot toys available on the market. They differ from pre-school easy play robots to something more technical for teens and beyond. You just need to make sure you buy the right one as a great gift for your child.

Here Are Reasons To Buy A Robotic Toy For Your Child

It gets them off their tech!

Kids these days are always on their phones, Kindles, iPads, and computers. Their screen time can be through the roof! So it is good to give them something to get them away from their tech. Although a robot is quite a techy toy, it can get them outside and running about. Kids love them as they still think of them as tech.

They use their imagination and creativity.

Playing always brings out kids imagination and creativity. But with a robot, they really learn to be imaginative. They play games and use their creativity to make their robots do tricks and they use their imagination to pretend that they actually are the robot.

They learn from robots

Robots are STEM toys, which means that children learn as they play with them. They learn how a robot works and they learn how to control the robot. Some robots need to be trained to do tricks whilst others learn the mechanics of a robot as they play. You can even build your own robot which teaches kids how to follow instructions.

Family bonding

A robotic toy is so much fun for both kids and adults, that it often brings the whole family together. Whether it is taking a robot for a play on the sea front, or even going on a walk in the park with the robot. It brings you together as a family. You all find something in common when you spend time together as a family. It brings so much joy to your children when you spend time with them, doing something that they enjoy.

What Toys Do We Recommend?

There are so many robotics on the market. Some are fantastic, whilst some are not worth the money that you spend so it can be difficult to choose the right one. But we are here to point you in the right direction with 5 recommendations to help you find the best robotic toys for your child this Christmas.

SGILE 4WD Remote Control Car

This remote control car is a great toy for kids aged between 6-12. The Stunt Car isn’t just any race car. It can do stunts like 360° spins and 180° flips on both sides. And if you have more than one of these robotic toys, you can play with them together. It is perfect to play with on all surfaces, so you can take it along concrete path, over grass in the garden and even over pebbles or stones.

It is £14.95 and available from Amazon. The controls are really easy for little kids to understand and use. It is perfect for the kids to play together and they are an awesome colour.

Amazon currently has a voucher for 10% off this toy too!

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ANTAPRCIS Remote Control Car Toy

This remote control car is also for kids aged between 6-12. It is a bit more complex than the remote control above. But it does different things. It isn’t a stunt car, but is a speedy drift car. It has a strong motor and it can go up to 18km/h. When it is charged up, it gives you 50 minutes of play time.

The remote is a trigger-style remote control, so it’s easy to use. They can play together with their friends without any interference from their remote control. This remote control car is made out of premium ABS plastic and non-toxic explosion-proof PVC materials and so this RC car is safe to play for children. You can buy it from Amazon for £23.99.

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RC Gesture Control Robot

This robotic toy is an all dancing, singing, walking remote control robot friend. it is made of non-toxic, eco-friendly ABS plastic so it is long-lasting and will put up with a child playing with it. The child uses their hands to get the talking robot to do actions. It has a wheel enhanced base that allows the robot to self-balance and move more swiftly around things in its way. You can also program your robot to do 50 motions and make the play more fun.

The robotic toy has rechargeable batteries included and if you charge it for 2 hours, you will have an hour of play. It comes with the USB lead included. You can buy this robot for £26.99 from Amazon.

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ANTAPRCIS Large Remote Control Dinosaur Robot

This robotic toy is a must have for all dinosaur fans. This dinosaur robotic toy’s design is based on a T-Rex and he comes with LED lights for eyes and makes dinosaur sound effects which are really realistic. You use the transmitter to send signals to get the dinosaur to roar and perform in the battle mode. If you touch the interactive area on his head, the dinosaur will interact with your child. It will shake its head and wag its tail.

The dinosaur can also dance! It has pre-recorded music for the dinosaur to dance to. You can also use the remote control to get your dinosaur walk or slide along the floor. If you programme him to do a few different actions, then you can set him up to do a little show of his actions. You can find it on Amazon for £49.99.

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Does your child want a pet, but for certain reasons, you can’t have one? This is the perfect alternative. It is good to give to a child to help them learn to be responsible for their things. This robotic toy can walk, bark and even wink at your child. He is obedient and follows the commands that you tell it.

He sings and dances if you tell him to, and also has some cool lights on his back that flash as it dances. The robot dog comes with an excellent memory and fully programmable functions. Whatever button you press, this robotic toy will bring so much joy and fun. It comes with a USB lead to charge it up. You can buy the Robot Dog for £29.99 on Amazon.

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Which is your favourite?

Why Robotic Toys Are So Good For Kids and 5 of the best this Christmas

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