For many of us, our home is our safe place and a haven that makes us feel relaxed and calm. There’s nothing worse than the thought of an intruder breaching the boundaries and combing through your prized possessions, but sadly, theft does occur.

Even in the safest areas, it’s wise to take steps to protect your property and lower the risk of burglary. If you’re keen to secure your home, here’s a handy guide to strengthen your defences with security measures. 

A burglar breaking in through an open window

Burglar alarm systems

Burglar alarm systems offer two main benefits. The first is the noise generated by the system when an unwanted visitor breaks into the property.

Loud ringing noises can alert neighbours and police patrols. The second advantage of having an alarm is adding a visible deterrent.

If a thief spots an alarm on the side or front of your home, they’re much more likely to avoid your property and opt for another that doesn’t have any noticeable security measures.

Today’s alarm systems are incredibly advanced and sophisticated, and you can connect alarms with control panels and smartphones to monitor your home and adjust settings remotely. 

CCTV cameras

More and more people are choosing to fit cameras to the exterior of their homes.

CCTV systems and smart cameras are a deterrent for opportunistic thieves, and they also provide valuable information and footage in the event of a burglary.

If you have cameras that record people coming into and out of your home, you’ll have access to images if somebody chooses to break into your home or steal from your driveway or garden.

This footage can be used as evidence to track down offenders and bring them to justice. 

Social media

Many of us enjoy spending time on social media, and we like to talk to friends and share photos.

There’s nothing wrong with being active on social networks, but it’s crucial to think about your safety and security. Make sure your profiles are secure and avoid sharing information, which makes it obvious that you’re away.

If you’re tagging photographs taken abroad, and your account is public, this will be seen by a burglar as an open invitation. 

Doors and windows

The majority of burglaries occur when an intruder enters the house through a front or back door.

Always make sure your doors and windows are closed and locked, and consider replacing old and worn fixtures and fittings.

If your front door is hanging off its hinges, or the wood is worn and warped, your home may be viewed as an easy target. Modern uPVC windows and doors are a lot harder to breach. 


You may think that your home will be secure if your doors and windows are locked, but thieves have very sophisticated and cunning ways of working.

One problem that police forces often encounter is burglars using items like coathangers to retrieve keys from shelves or pots by the front door.

By posting the wire through the letterbox, they can take the keys, providing easy access to doors or vehicles in the driveway.

Keep your keys with you, or store them in a cupboard or shelving unit away from any doors or windows. 

We all want to think of our homes as a haven. If you’re eager to fortify your castle, hopefully, this guide will help to keep your home safe and sound.

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Safe And Sound: How To Secure Your Home

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