This article includes advertising for brands however I do only recommend products I genuinely do think would make a great gift. If you are taking part in a Secret Santa this year it can be difficult to find something to buy your recipient, especially if you do not know them well. I hope these ideas help you. I have split them according to budget but it may be worth checking the items slightly higher in cost in case they are on offer when you order!

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Under £5

Gin infusion bags

This Gin Tonic Fusion box contains 9 bags, like tea bags, to make ordinary gin into a flavoured or unique gin. It is perfect for gin lovers and is just £3.50 from Amazon!

aroma energy oils

If your budget is under £5 you could buy a bottle of one of these seasonal essential oils instead. These are around £2.99 each with a great selection.

Secret Santa gifts under £10

Personalised stationery always makes a lovely gift and these items individually all cost under £10 but they are just a few of the items available. These are all available from Vistaprint.

Who doesn’t love chocolate bombes? These from Cocoba are especially nice and with a pack of three including dark, milk and white chocolate they are so tasty! This pack is just £9.95 and I even have a 15% discount code for you too, simply use code AVERAGEJEN15 at checkout! Cocoba also do a vegan pack of hot chocolate bombes!

These Boozy hot chocolate bombes are another great gift and also £9.95 for the pack, cheaper if you use my discount code above! They are alcohol flavoured but actually alcohol-free so a great gift for anyone!

Selection of opies jars

For a bit of luxury why not check out the range from Opies? I love the Apricots in Luxardo dark rum but they are all lovely. If they might prefer savoury why not buy the pickled walnuts? These jars are available for around £6.50 in many independent retailers as well as some being available in Ocado, Waitrose, Morrisons, Tesco, Booths and Nisa. Check the Opies foods website for the full range.

Minecraft socks and mug

Another perfect gift for a gaming fan is this Minecraft Mug and Socks Gift Set for £9.99 from Ryman. Again this would be great for gamers of all ages if they enjoy Minecraft. Is this the perfect gift for your recipient?

200 degrees coffee

If you are buying for someone who loves coffee then why not consider a bag of coffee that is available in coffee shops? 200° coffee is a popular brand and is available in a selection of varieties. This one is Brazilian Love Affair for £8.95 directly from 200° coffee.

Pro youth bars and tablets

For fitness fanatics, nutrition is important, especially protein bars and rehydration drinks. These are just a few of the products from ProYouth that could be a perfect gift for them. The bars are available in a trial pack of three for £6.25 or in multipacks. The vitamin electrolyte tablets are £6.95 a tube. All are available along with other goodies from ProYouth Nutrition.

SBC beauty products

These lovely products from SBC could be great for a lady who looks after her skin and likes to try something new. The Hydra-Collagen & Black Pearl Moisturising Gel is from £7 for 100ml and this is 300ml and £19.50 and the body wash is from £5 for 100ml, the pictured bottle is 300ml and £13.50. they are available directly from SBC skincare.

Dairy Diary

I love the Dairy Diary and have used it for a few years now. It is a gorgeous diary and also has recipes in it too for inspiration. A great mix between a recipe book and a diary. It gets bonus points for me as it has a great tit on the front which is one of my favourite birds and reminds me of my Grandma. The Dairy Diary is £8.99 and is available from Dairy Diary.

Only curls hair clips

If you are buying for a lady with curly hair then the Only Curls products are fantastic. They have a variety of products specifically designed and formulated for curly hair and these clips are just £8 so perfect for a budget buy.

Traegar rubs

For a man who loves to cook meats or BBQ these rubs from Traeger, a popular wood pellet grill manufacturer are perfect for those with a Traeger and who just use something like a George Foreman or oven. Each Traeger rub tin is £9.99 and will last a while, depending on how much you use each time! The varieties we have tried are the prime rib rub, fin and feather rub, beef rub and veggie rub.

For a whisky lover, these Whisky Stones from Naken Interiors are a great gift and mean that they do not need to water their whisky down with ice cubes to have a cold glass of whisky! A great gift for just £9.

This Nivea Men Top Tier gift set is a perfect gift for any man or teenage boy. It is usually £10 so an easy buy for a £10 budget Secret Santa but worth watching out for offers like 3 for 2 when you might get it included and save some money! The set includes Antiperspirant, face wash and shower gel, all in full-size bottles.

Secret Santa gifts for under £15

For an easy gift for her, a Nivea gift set may just be perfect. This rainbow set includes antiperspirant, shower gel, moisturising cream and a cleansing cream wash. This set is usually £12 but you may find it on 3 for 2 offers and similar so it is worth keeping an eye out!

Stranger things calendar

This Stranger Things calendar is a great gift because not only is it a calendar but the pages are perforated so the prints can be carefully removed and framed afterwards! It is just £14.99 which you could pay for a calendar anyway without having the bonus of being able to frame the prints! Buy this Deluxe Stranger Things calendar from Danilo.

Are you buying for someone who loves to play golf but you are really stuck for ideas of what you could buy? This Golfers Essentials kit from the gifts range at Naken Interiors is just £13 and is a perfect golfers gift.

built travel mug

Are you buying for someone who always seems to have a cup of tea or coffee in their hand? This stylish travel mug is the perfect gift and is only £13.59 from Cook Serve Enjoy. you could buy them some tea or coffee to go with it or just give it on its own. Other colours are available with the vanilla-coloured one currently just £7!

skint fat cold mug

I absolutely love this mug from Love Layla and think it would make the perfect gift for someone who is always complaining they are skint fat and cold! I know this is me to a T! It is one of the many hilarious and fun mugs from Love Layla at £13.50 each or two for £20!

meat claws for pulling apart meat

For a man who loves to cook how about these Meat claws perfect for pulling apart meat to easily shred something like pulled pork? They are £12.99 from Amazon.

dunking dickies biscuits

These Dunking Dickies willie-shaped shortbread biscuits are the absolutely perfect secret Santa gift if you want something a little rude without being too explicit! For £9.25 from Brain Box Candy, this fits well into a £10 budget for secret Santa!

Arran mens discovery set

This Arran Sense of Scotland set is perfect for a man in your life who has never tried their scents before. The Men’s Luxury Shower & Shave Gel Discovery Gift Set is £10 and includes Lochranza 30ml Shower Gel & 30ml Shave Gel and a Machrie 30ml Shower Gel & 30ml Shave Gel. Perfect to give them a taste of the Arran products and if they like them you could buy them a larger set next year!

Golden glow bauble

The Evolve Organic Beauty golden Glow bauble is one of the favourites from my secret Santa gift guide. A small hanging bauble gift with a Bio-Retinol gold mask inside. For £13 (down from £15) it would make a great low-cost beauty gift.

swearing periodic table mouse mat

For a sweary secret Santa gift, this Periodic Table of Swearing from Brain Box Candy is perfect. It is £11.99 and great for someone who works on a computer or perhaps is a keen PC gamer. It is such fun but definitely one to avoid buying for someone with young children who will see it!

Gaia cracker with rollerball

The Gaia pulse point cracker is a great low-cost gift that you don’t necessarily even need to wrap up! It is designed for her to rub onto her wrists or other pulse points and contains black pepper and ginger and is formulated to help the immune system and bring positive emotions and a feeling of empowerment. It smells lovely and is just £15 from Gaia Skincare.

Simone thomas book and biotin excellence supplement

Simone Thomas is one of the UK’s leading hair and nutrition specialists and has written an amazing book to share how nutrition affects your hair and body. With her advice, your recipient could learn which nutrients could be having an impact on her dry hair for example and how simple changes could improve her wellness overall. The book is £15 directly from Simone Thomas Wellness. The Biotin brilliance is above this price but described in my “for her” gift guide.

the working day colouring book

The Working Day colouring book by Modern Toss is a great gift for a work colleague in a secret Santa. For £10.99 at Brain Box Candy, it provides them with a hilarious colouring book of typical work situations and stresses. If you have a £15 budget you could even add some cheap coloured pencils too.

Secret Santa gifts for £25 or less

seams handcream

This is my favourite hand cream and it makes a perfect gift too. It isn’t sticky or expensive so in my eyes, it really is the perfect hand cream! SEAMS is £16 for a tube which lasts for ages and it is available from SEAMS Beauty.

aroma energy travel set

Does she love essential oils and sometimes struggle to relax and sleep well? This Aroma Energy travel case with four essential oil blends could be a lovely gift for her. This set is usually £22.99 but is currently on offer for £17.99.

made by coopers pillow spray

Sleepy head, room and pillow spray from Made by Coopers would be a perfect gift for someone who struggles to relax to sleep, perhaps with anxiety or who is busy and rarely rests properly. It is £17.50 and includes lavender, frankincense and chamomile.

Pair or iridescent gin glasses

If you are buying for someone who loves gin but you don’t have the budget for a gin you want to buy then these gin glasses are perfect. The pair are £15.99 and have a stunning iridescent design. I couldn’t get a photo to show them well so I have shared the image on the box instead! Buy them from Cook Serve Enjoy.

This is a money box I chose to personalise for a gaming fund. you could alternatively add a photo or whatever words you choose however I think it makes a perfect gift for a gamer to save up for the next game or console. The back is clear so they can see how much they are saving! This money box is from Asda Photo for just £16.

Bloom and glow oil

For an uplifting small gift, this Angela Langford Bloom and Glow face oil is lovely. It is formulated to help with radiance and restoration and to be honest I love it. It contains all-natural ingredients and none of the padding-type ingredients many products have. I would recommend it for someone a similar age to me (the early forties) and whilst it is a tiny bottle it lasts a long time. This bottle is £20.50 from Angela Langford.

How about buying them a personalised wireless charger? I designed this one using a funny photo from Ben was a baby as it isn’t the kind of picture I would have on the wall but it does make me smile when I see it. It is less than £20 and a great buy from Vistaprint.

Boxbollen boxball set for boxing

Have you seen the latest fitness craze of Boxbollen? It is really fun and basically uses an app along with this headband with an attached ball to safely box for fitness or fun. Prices are from £19.99 and are available directly from Boxbollen.

Snail 96 beauty product

Have you ever heard of using Snail secretions in beauty products? COSRX advanced snail 96 mucin power essence is one of these products and is recommended for use after cleansing and toning but before moisturising to improve skin elasticity. At £24 for a bottle from Boots, it would be a great gift for a beauty lover who loves to try new things.

Beauty roller from homedics

This HoMedics Facial Beauty Roller is currently on offer at £24 down from £39.99 so a great bargain for her this Christmas. using a roller like this increases blood flow to the face and helps make the face appear brighter and reduces signs of tiredness. A great gift for any lady in my opinion!

Book and tablet stand

This folding book and tablet stand is really good for the man in your and can be angled however they need depending on whether they are using it for Netflix, studying or something else. It is available from Amazon for £25.

This Nivea Men Ultra-calming set is perfect for any man who shaves and is great for the environment too. The set includes a bamboo razor, shower gel, facial balm and shaving cream and is usually £16. It can be found in most good supermarkets and might be on 3 for 2 offers so keep an eye out for those!

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