This secret Santa guide includes items I have been sent by brands to consider for inclusion which is seen as advertising. I have, however, only included items I genuinely would recommend for adult secret Santa gifts. I’ve also included items that I was not sent too, just because they are great ideas. Don’t forget to check out my other Christmas gift guides for more present ideas.

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Secret Santa gifts for under £5

Seaweed salt, flakes and seasoning tins

When you are trying to lose weight flavouring your foods can make all the difference so this is why I recommend Seaweed salt, mixed seaweed flakes and herby seaweed seasoning. Seaweed is often not thought of as a great addition to meals but you are really missing a trick! This set of three tins is just £14.75 from The Seaweed Food Company or individual tins are £4.95 each with refill pouches also available.

Spicentice Vindaloo pack on red and white background with green border

Spicentice sells a large range of spice kits to make tasty meals. If you are tasked with a £5 budget to spend on someone who likes cooking or is on a diet then this might be the perfect gift. Check out the range here and use my discount code JUSTJEN20 for 20% off. Kits start at £1.59.

Are you buying for someone who loves mulled wine? Perhaps these mulled wine kits could be perfect gifts for them from Steenbergs. The Old Hamlet mulled wine sachet is just £1.20 from Steenbergs. the red cube is a pack of Mulled wine spice pouchettes with four spice bundles in muslin. Each bundle will make 75mls of red wine (or use cranberry juice for a great non-alcoholic alternative). This is £4 also from Steenbergs. The box on the right of the image above is a pack of 5 sachets for mulled wine from Steenbergs for £2.40 so all cheap but tasty gifts.

Popcorn shed packets on red and white background

Popcorn makes a lovely gift. It doesn’t have to be the boring variety that’s available in any of the supermarkets. Popcorn Shed has an amazing range of different flavours and boxes like this are £4 each. They have a huge variety of flavours available including birthday cake, Christmas pudding, Cherry Bakewell and Pecan pie, alongside savoury flavours too. Check out the variety here and the different multipacks available – perfect if you want to save and treat a number of people to some delicious popcorn for Christmas!

Pro youth bars

For someone who uses energy bars or protein bars, this trial pack from Pro Youth might just prove to be perfect for them. With high amounts of protein, they are perfect for people exercising who want a slow release of energy. This pack is £6.25 here.

Secret Santa gifts for under £10

Green and Blacks are such a popular chocolate brand why not take a look at their hampers and see if it would make the perfect gift. Check the Green and Blacks gifts here.

If you are buying for a tea lover and are a bit stuck because you do not know much about them then this could be the perfect gift for you. This Snowball black tea is a popular choice and much more exciting than buying them some PG Tips! This pack of 15 teabags is £6.65 from Bird and Blend however other sizes are available and even loose-leaf versions if you prefer so do check them out too.

These natural beeswax Father Christmas, Santa & Snowflake candles are beautifully presented in a red & white festive-themed gift box. Beeswax candles release negative ions into the atmosphere which clear your home of toxins as well as fill your home with the pleasant warming scent of pure beeswax. Slow-burning & smoke-free these Beeutiful festive candles make the perfect gift. Buy them directly from Beeutiful.

These cards are lovely, they come in a deck of 50 cards with little mindful reminder cards to help you feel good. A perfect gift for a lovely friend or family member who likes motivational phrases even includes a cardboard stand so they can display their favourite on their desk or dressing table. At just £9.99 from Live Spiffy, they are an amazing gift and one I am buying for a friend of mine!

Computer clip on phone stand

For a workaholic or someone who has never got their phone far away, how about a computer clip-on phone stand? This one is available from Lakeland for £9.99.

How about a unique bag? Pri Pri, is a collection of colourful accessories upcycled from Indian saris and handmade by a charity in India supporting women’s empowerment. Upcycled Tote Bags are available in two sizes. Each unique and all using waste from repurposed saris. Made by underprivileged women undergoing training in tailoring so they can earn income and gain confidence. Buy them from £9 here.

Miracles mission tshirt

If you are buying for someone who told you not to buy them anything but you still want to, or perhaps loves animal charities, then this is the gift for you. For just £8 you can buy a t-shirt like this and support Miracles Mission in protecting animals.

More taste less waste recipe book

A new recipe book can be a perfect gift. This More Taste & Less Waste could be perfect to help them cook with things they might have thrown away otherwise using healthy ingredients and having fun too. Pick it up for just £9.99 on Waterstones.

The Dairy Diary with lavender on the front

Diaries don’t need to be boring gifts and this Dairy Diary shows that. It is a perfect gift for someone who loves to cook with tasty weekly recipes throughout. It also includes kitchen tips, budgeting pages and inspirational articles to read so it is like a food magazine and diary in one!

At £8.99 it is a similar price to a more boring diary so I think it is a great choice. Check it out in more detail on the Dairy Diary website.

wine gifts including a wine cooler, server and thermometer

Most foodies love a good bottle of wine to go with their meal but to get a good bottle you need to serve it well. These accessories will help them out. The one-hand server is just £7.26 from The Container Store, the wine thermometer is £8.49 from Lakeland and the wicker style wine cooler is £6.31 on Amazon.

Secret Santa gifts for under £20

How about a chocolate pizza kit? This box is £12 though and contains the below so it depends if you think it would make a good gift for someone who will make it into a pizza. Otherwise, check out the other gifts on Cadbury Gifts Direct.

What do you think? Would you make it?

If you are buying for someone who is very houseproud and loves nice things then I absolutely adore this pair of coasters. From The Just Slate Company, these coasters with a bee design have a gold leaf crown and I love bees so they are perfect for someone like me! Check them out from The Just Slate Company for £18.

This bamboo wireless phone charging pad is easily personalised for your recipient and great for anyone with a phone that can be charged wirelessly. It is just £15.95 from Always Personal.

Neves bees lip balm set

I love lip balm and wear it every day, I even have some on my desk as my lips often get dry while I am working. This lovely set from Neve’s Bees is just £15 and worth every penny. There are three different scents and they come in eco-friendly packaging too so great for the environment. Check them out on the Neve’s Bees website.

Harry Potter badge

Harry Potter is popular with so many people of all ages. If you are buying for a fan then this pin could be a lovely unique gift. It is available from the Harry Potter Shop for £14.95.

chocolate brownies from wild tea bar

If you fancy some brownies as a perfect gift then I can assure you these are amazing. This pack of 4 is £12 from Wild Tea Bar and is available to send directly to the recipient and a card that can be personalised. They are so tasty I promise you that they will be gratefully received!

Great british place names map

For a hilarious family gift why not buy this Marvellous Map of Great British place names, with the oddest and rudest names. I have shared a sneak peek image below showing a few of them, it is hilarious you will most definitely love it and want to keep it for yourself. Given the nature of some of the place names, I would recommend for older children/families but the choice is yours! It is available in this fold-out version for £14.99 from Marvellous Maps.

close up of map with rude names

This is a great option for one of those secret Santa swaps where you do not know who you are buying for!

Clean sweep pot on flannel on red and white background

This Angela Langford Clean sweep cleanser is a small jar but it sure goes a long way. Using a pea size amount each time, it will last well. I have recently started using it and I am really impressed. My skin is really sensitive but I have found it great so far. Buy it directly from the Angela Langford website for £18.

Seaweed salt, flakes and seasoning tins

When you are trying to lose weight flavouring your foods can make all the difference so this is why I recommend Seaweed salt, mixed seaweed flakes and herby seaweed seasoning. Seaweed is often not thought of as a great addition to meals but you are really missing a trick! This set of three tins is just £14.75 from The Seaweed Food Company or individual tins are £4.95 each with refill pouches also available.

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