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Sometimes we care too much about others we forget to look after ourselves don’t we. I know that I am terrible at self-care. Unbelievably I have only today been discharged from a 2 night stay in hospital for my asthma.

I had a chest infection which dropped my sats dangerously low and I was struggling to breathe when I was admitted on New Year’s eve. It got me thinking during all the time I was awake being checked and on nebulisers and oxygen! I really should take better care of myself.

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8 Ways I will do more self-care in 2020

I am committing to 8 ways I will look after myself more in 2020.


Make that check-up appointment for the dentist I keep meaning to. I am not sure I need anything done but a check-up is always sensible isn’t it. Maybe one day I can look at having work done on the wonky tooth I hate. Cosmetic Dentistry here I come, it starts with a check-up though! My self-care should be more of a priority.  It’s always better to be safe rather than sorry and dropping by this dentist In flint for regular cleanings and checks will do wonders for my teeth as well.


Spend more time on my own. I don’t have much time on my own but would love to have a dedicated little bit of time to myself every day to read. This year I think I will try and make that part of my routine. I love this post by a fellow blogger about being kind to yourself. Some great tips to try and I know I need to follow them!

Wearing my specs is definitely self-care

Remember to wear my glasses! I am terrible at not wearing my glasses for watching tv or on my phone. I see them as my computer work glasses but really I should have them for those too and stop being stubborn.

Visit the hairdressers

Stop putting off the hairdressers. I hate the small talk of hairdressers but I really should go and stop just getting by colouring my hair myself! I am always wishing I had nicer hair so might even look into a fast hairstyle change with U part wigs.

Glam up

Wear jewellery every day. I started this a little before Christmas and I got a beautiful Pandora bracelet for Christmas so I am determined to feel better about myself and take the extra minute it takes in the morning to put jewellery on.

Wear make up

Wear makeup more often. I don’t have the time or inclination to wear it daily but I will try and wear it at least once a week. It is good for me and helps me feel better about myself.

Have my flu jab

Go for my flu vaccination! I was tested for flu in hospital yesterday and whilst it turned out it wasn’t that I was so mad at myself for not having the free flu jab I am entitled to due to my asthma!

Treat myself

Treat myself more often, but not to food! I need to buy myself little treats more often or treat myself to a pamper etc instead of always putting others first. Stuart and Ben are quite capable of looking after themselves more than they do and I should let them!

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