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So you need to sell your home fast and you’re not sure what to do? Don’t worry–we’re here to help. Regardless of your reasons for selling your home, there are a couple of surefire strategies that will get your property noticed. While you could always sell your home for cash and lose a huge percentage of what it’s worth, we don’t believe that you should just give away your money like that. So here are a few tips to help you sell your home faster.

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Optimise the listing

There are many different ways for you to optimise the listing. For starters, make sure you describe the house as best as possible. This will ensure that potential buyers know everything about the house and they won’t feel like they need to phone you and ask questions.

For some inspiration, take a look at other top listings from other sellers and try to emulate their formatting and the information they post. This will give you a rough idea of what you should include in your house listing to make it stand out.

You might see that most listings have some kind of floor plan included as well. If you haven’t already, make sure you have one created for your home as well.

Take beautiful photographs for the listing

As part of optimising your listing, we highly suggest that you take some professional photographs to help the home stand out. A styling company such as Huntley and Co can help organise your home so that it looks beautiful in every photograph you take.

While it can sound strange to hire someone to style your home, it’ll greatly improve the quality of your photographs, it’ll make your home look incredibly appealing and it’ll help sell your home faster. Don’t underestimate the power of a professionally-taken photograph!

Fix up any issues that you have around the house

Cracks in the wall? Leaky pipes? Mouldy ceilings? Whatever the case is, make sure you fix these up issues as quickly as possible so that when buyers visit, they won’t ask too many questions about the quality of your home.

You don’t want to hide these issues under the rug because if they appear during a thorough survey, it’s going to cause a lot of lengthy delays. Get them fixed immediately so that you don’t need to negotiate repairs before you finally sell your property.

Consider giving the responsibility to a property manager

If you find that selling your home is just too much work, we’d suggest speaking to a property manager to help speed it up. If you don’t want to put too much work into selling your home then this is arguably the best option available.

While it can still take a while to sell your home (unless you explicitly state that you want to sell it as quickly as you can) it takes a lot less effort and frees up much of your time. This makes it easy for you to sell your home with the least amount of stress and hassle.

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