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I made blogging my job one way I have done that is by ensuring that I pop up in searches on Google etc. The way to do that is with SEO (Search engine optimisation).

If you also have a website you can use these tips and if you don’t but wonder why I write some things in the way that I do this may help that make sense too!

What is blogging?

Blogging sadly isn’t just about typing what I think and getting sent stuff, it’s so much more technical at times! If you struggle with these hire a great virtual assistant to help you.

If you are one of the many bloggers out there making the most of what the internet has to offer, then you will be fully aware that a lot goes into creating posts that people want to read.

Bloggers are forced to take on many roles, including content creator, marketer, editor and many more. So, once you have written an awesome post that is full of exciting and engaging content, how do you make sure it is going to reach your target audience?

These handy tips will help you have your SEO on point:

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Focus on your post titles

The post title is often considered the most important part of a blog post, if you have an unengaging title the chances are people won’t click through to read anymore.

Keep your titles relevant, include keywords and encourage readers to click through to read more. The post title is very important for optimising for SEO, which is why including keywords is so important.

It does not need to be the specific keyword you are trying to rank for but a similar one will be fine too. Google is clever!

Use Headings

Blogs with huge blocks of text can be intimidating and overwhelming, and most people won’t bother to read ahead.

If you divide your content into small sections with concise headings, it provides your audience with a much easier read. It gives your readers the chance to scan over a post and decide if they want to continue reading.

Deep linking to past posts is a great way to give your reader even more information on a subject, and also keeps people on your website for longer.

It is so easy and quick to do and is just a case of linking to previous posts that are relevant to that blog’s topic. Also, be sure to link to your new post from other relevant posts!

Use questions

One of the best bits about being a blogger is receiving comments after posting a new blog, and one of the best ways of encouraging that interaction with your readers is to use questions at the end of your blog.

Questions provide your audience with a call to action, which is often the nudge they need to actually leave a comment.

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Use images

Include images within your posts that are relevant to your content and consistent with your brand.

Always make sure your images are fully optimised for SEO. This can be done simply by renaming your images to include your keywords.

You should also add alt text to all your images, so that if they are shared online, they will have a relevant description. For more advice on improving your blog’s SEO with images, read these top tips.


This might seem like a really obvious one, but it is also something that people so often get wrong in blogging.

Make sure to proofread multiple times before hitting publish, to make sure there are no obvious mistakes in spelling and grammar, but also to make sure your writing flows well and is easy to read.

If you have someone else on hand, get them to proofread it too, a fresh set of eyes can often pull up mistakes that you miss.

Share, share, share

Get yourself a decent social media scheduling system, for some advice on which to go for, check out this guide.

Once you have published your post, make sure you are sharing it everywhere you can online. Share it on Facebook and Twitter, and schedule it to be posted a few more times in the future.

Pin any images you used on Pinterest and share your pin to any relevant boards.

There are plenty more SEO tips that lifestyle bloggers can use to improve their visibility online but starting off with these helpful hints is a great place to start.

Check this agency out for more help in improving your blog’s online presence.

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