If you are under 16 please ask a parent or carer before you read this to learn about sex and weight loss!

Many of my readers are looking to lose weight and the subject of whether sex can help you lose weight is often ignored by the big brands. Just how much can doing it help with your weight loss?

I have done some research about what has been found out in this area previously and wanted to share it with you. Before you read on do remember though that like any exercise, you can’t out-run your fork. What you eat will have a huge impact too!

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Sex and Weight Loss – The Facts

Research shows that there are some key facts we need to consider when looking at your sex life as exercise. These are:

Men and women are slightly different. During Moderate sexual activity on average men burn 4.2Kcal/min, women 3.1Kcal/min.

The ideal heart rate for any exercise is 50-70% of your maximum heart rate. Your maximum heart rate (unless you have been told otherwise by your doctor) is around 220-(your age in years).

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Sexual activity is what is classed as a non-steady-state activity as it would be very difficult to keep your heart rate consistent throughout.

If the average sex session lasts 30 minutes then the average man will burn 126 calories, and the average woman 93 calories. That’s right – having sex burns less than 100 calories for women!

Don’t forget that sex doesn’t even have to involve anyone else so if you have been looking at sex toy reviews and wondering if you could burn some calories on your own then as long as your heart rate increases, you probably can!

Age makes a huge difference as does physical fitness so a fitter person will usually burn fewer calories than someone who doesn’t exercise.

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Do sex positions make a difference?

Based on the fact that the amount of calories you burn is dependant on your heart rate the position could make a massive difference. Avoiding positions where you are less active would help you burn more calories.

Additionally the more you move around of course the more calories you will burn. Not that I am suggesting you stop your intimate time for a go on the exercise bike, of course. However being more dominant physically, and trying out different ideas may help you burn a few extra calories and work up a sweat.

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Sex and Weight Loss – Is it as good as a treadmill?

Unfortunately not. Evidence suggests that the average person uses only 38-71% of the energy they would on the treadmill for sexual activity for the same amount of time.

If you are now thinking I am the bearer of bad news just remember that surely it is more fun than the treadmill though so you are more likely to do it! And don’t forget the positive effect that regular sex has on your mood! Let’s face it some quality time with your partner or sweating it out at the gym?? I know which personally I prefer!

Is it a fair comparison though? I will let you decide! Don’t spend too much money if, like me, you are likely to give up before too long! Other physical activities may also burn more calories than sex.

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What if I Swallow? Are blow jobs healthy?

Men across the world tell us that blow jobs are healthy and if we swallow the contents of their semen have great nutritional qualities. Is it true? Does it actually contain calories?

I have looked into the research for this for you and discovered that whilst it is predominantly water it isn’t completely calorie-free. There is a suggestion of around 20Kcal in the average male’s ejaculate. What’s more, if you wanted to get your RDA of protein you would need to consume over a litre of the stuff.

So whilst it isn’t actually that unhealthy, it doesn’t really have any health benefits either. If you want to know the full breakdown of what it actually contains you can find it in The Journal of Andrology from 2005.

So if you are looking for a great form of exercise, sex may not be the ideal one for you but don’t worry, it won’t make you gain weight either! Don’t forget if you have any health concerns see your GP/ Family doctor who can help, Googling won’t help and may just scare you!


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