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London is the centre of so much in the UK, why shouldn’t it be the centre of getting slimmer too? Here I thought I would share with you five ways you could get slimmer in just a day visiting London. Obviously, some are silly but hey we all need a giggle sometimes!

The tower of London on a gloomy day

How to lose weight in London

Visit in April, having signed up for the London Marathon – Running 26.2 miles in a day is sure to make you lose a little weight, if you survive it that is! If you want to sign up check which charities still have places as all the ballot places have now gone for 2019.

Try CoolSculpting Fat Freezing – this is a procedure I have never tried but they have some before and after photos that make me wonder if it is worth trying one day. Prices start at £599 though which unfortunately is a little out of my budget even with their £53 a month finance option. If this takes your fancy it is just 3 minute walk from Bank Station/ Monument and takes 45 minutes a session. If you are reading this and want to pay for me to give it a try do drop me an email I would be happy to oblige!

Refuse to get the underground – The tube goes everywhere in London, if you walked everywhere all day without getting the tube you would be sure to burn off a few calories. You may get lost a few times and want to chop your feet off at the end of it but worth a thought. How much do feet weigh anyway?

Ride from London to Surrey doing the 100-mile challenge – If you are free the weekend of the 3/4th August this could be a possibility and I am sure if you really enjoyed it you wouldn’t mind this was two days instead of one (sorry I know cheated a little here didn’t I!). Ride London would be a fun tiring way of burning of a few calories and the exercise is sure to shrink your waist I imagine!

Run or walk up a number of London Underground Staircases – This guide tells you how many calories you could burn on each. What better thing to do whilst you are in London? Just don’t do this if you hate crowds!

Alternatively of course you could just go to London and spend most of the time having fun, eating out and maybe even trying a bit of the luxury life. Who am I to judge? I would say though if you are planning anything you haven’t tried before it may be wise to chat to your doctor first. Unless of course, you are planning to try a spa day or a personal shopper, I am not sure a doctor would need to be aware of that!

Whatever you decide to do if you go for a day in London and hope to lose weight just remember to avoid all the cookies, cream topped coffees and chocolates because they all add up!

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