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Whether your aim for weight loss transformation is to look beautiful, remain physically active, improve overall health, or even desire to live longer, we all share one enemy, weight gain.

In 2019, CDC reported the medical cost of obesity surpassed 173 billion dollars in the USA alone. People are trying supplements, expensive medications, and trimming down their diets, but the results aren’t reliable yet. According to recent research, obesity prevalence among USA adults is above 42 per cent.

So, what’s fundamentally wrong with it? I, as a doctor, went through a weight loss transformation. I tried multiple methods throughout this journey, but only a few proved productive. Later, I counter-verified their medical basis and resultantly lost 35 pounds of weight.

I’ll discuss how this happened and how you can replicate the same without wasting a dime. Let’s first talk about what you should avoid at every cost;

Extreme Calorie-Deficient Diet

An extremely low-calorie diet is a temporary solution to weight loss. For instance, when you start using such diets, the body fulfils its energy requirements by utilizing stored glycogen. When glycogen —whose each molecule contains 3 g of water— burns, it releases water. In this way, you might lose some pounds with an extremely low-calorie diet.

But this fat loss accompanies muscle loss primarily responsible for keeping up the metabolism. So, eventually, your metabolism declines, and you stop losing further weight. This state is actually a weight-loss plateau where you are losing no more weight.

Whenever you leave an extreme-calorie-deficient diet— never recommended for longer use— your body is going to regain the lost weight.

Although losing weight is a little challenging, retaining it sometimes becomes more gruelling.

According to a study by the University of Pennsylvania’s Weight & Eating Disorders Program, 65 per cent of dieters regain their weight to pre-diet times within three years.

But specific methodologies can guarantee long-term results without leaving any side effects.

How to Make your Weight Loss Transformation Journey Successful? 

My journey has been featured on multiple platforms, including FOX43, FOX40, US National Times, Digital Journal, Health Industry Watch, Today in Medicine, and many more. Let me tell you the exact formula for weight loss;

Dropping Insulin Levels

Insulin is released to maintain optimal sugar levels in the body. After you eat carbohydrates like sugars and starches, the intestine converts them into simple sugars like glucose. Ultimately, the pancreas senses these sugars to release insulin. This glucose is the primary source of energy in the body.  

In short, when you’re taking sugars, insulin is being produced in a normal amount. When you increase the intake of carbohydrates than the requirement of the body, then extra sugars are converted and stored as glycogen. When the liver has an excess of glycogen, any additional intake is converted into fats with the help of insulin. In other words, Insulin is the number 1 FAT-MAKING Hormone!

So to stop this from happening, we need to drop insulin production in the body. This can be extremely helpful in trimming down any extra weight effectively.

Blending Resistance Exercises with HIIT Workout for Weight Loss

Resistance exercises are the effective force behind building your muscles. These exercises are basically based on the exertion of force on muscles during contraction. According to the National Library of Medicine, resistance exercises increase the resting metabolic rate, commonly known as RMR. So, increasing muscles boost RMR, which facilitates fat burning, thus effectively helping your weight loss transformation. 

If you blend resistance training with a HIIT workout for weight loss, you can enjoy its life-long benefits.

For instance, you can integrate the HIIT exercises list with resistance training like weightlifting for half an hour. This will work in both ways to speed up your weight loss transformation: HIIT for burning calories and resistance exercises for building muscles.

Wrap-Up: How can you do it for free?

If I’d lost weight, why you can’t?

I’m currently on a mission to help as many people as possible to become successful in the weight loss transformation struggle. You can join me for free live zoom sessions and behavioural and mental training on willpower to remain persistent and counter temptations.

These won’t be motivational lessons but a complete pathway to reach your ultimate goal.

Just join my Facebook group to start it now. Training is currently free, but seats are limited because I want each of my trainees to achieve desired results.

Only a few slots are left, and I’ll discontinue further enrollment for an undefined period. So, why are you waiting?

To your success

Dr. Usama Dabbas

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