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It’s the little things that not only make our lives worth living but make them easier too. This is particularly true in the kitchen, where many of us decide to cut down on the time it takes to cook a good fresh meal by indulging in appliances that save hours of precious time and effort. Of course, every kitchen needs to have a fridge and an oven on hand to store and cook our produce, but what small kitchen appliances should no kitchen be without?

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It can be deceptively difficult to get the daily allowance of fruit and veg into your diet. With a blender, you can simply add water or perhaps some apple juice and ensure you’re getting your required natural nutrients in a few fell gulps! Blenders can also be used to create everything from purees and chutneys to milkshakes, soups and even cocktails. Truly the most flexible and misunderstood of the necessary small kitchen appliances.

Coffee machine

Many of us simply wouldn’t be able to function in the morning without a fresh cup of coffee. Whilst instant products have got better in recent years, there is absolutely no substitute for freshly ground coffee. Treat yourself to a fully-featured commercial coffee machine by Nisbets if you’re a ‘five a day’ kind of coffee drinker. Or perhaps consider a more affordable Nescafe Dolce Gusto model if you only indulge in the mornings and evenings. Whichever you pick, just make sure its SCAA certified.

Air fryer

Infinitely healthier and less messy than their oil-based deep fat alternatives. Air fryers literally use hot air to fry your food, negating the sticky and greasy texture you find with most fried food. The fat is also often drained off, leaving a cleaner and tastier product without losing any of that delectable and tender crispy crunch!

Slow cooker

With the winter months dawning, there has never been a better time to invest in a slow cooker. These one-pot crock pots allow you to load up the cooker in the morning and leave it cooking low and slow all day, ready for you to enjoy when you get home from work. From decadent pulled pork to classic hot pots and curries, once you’ve gone slow you won’t go back!


The absolute classic. Since its initial introduction in the 1940s, the microwave oven has revolutionised the cooking game. Not only are they incredibly easy to use and clean but they cook your food in half the time of a conventional oven and can be used to reheat dishes, defrost dishes and even cook certain dishes from scratch! A kitchen is truly not a kitchen, without a microwave!

The 5 small appliances every kitchen should not be without

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