Freeing up the small spaces in your bedroom

Our bedrooms aren’t always as big as we would like them to be, and sometimes we have to make the most of the small spaces we have. Beds always happen to take up a lot of room, and are by far the most important thing we have in our bedroom alongside our storage space, so why not combine the too?

Introducing the storage bed

Storage boxes and cupboards are always convenient, but they are not always aesthetically pleasing. So why not try a storage bed? Bed suppliers like Bed Guru have a huge supply of storage beds that are ideal and incredibly convenient. They take up the same amount of space as a normal bed, but also contain impressive amounts of storage space.

There are storage beds with divan frames available (as you can see below). They essentially lift up from the base and can be used to store a number of items like spare quilts, pillows and other useful things. The added bonus is they only take up as much space as a normal bed, and they look great! If you keep them up against the wall they won’t compromise any of your space at all.

1/2 End Opening Ottoman Divan Base - Naples Blue

Do you really need a double bed?

Everyone wants more space when they sleep to give them that extra wiggle room, but is it really necessary? Realistically if you are sleeping by yourself you don’t need extra room. Double beds take up a lot of space and can also create blockages of doors and access to your room.

You need to think realistically and use the space you have to its maximum. Maybe try a small double bed? It doesn’t take up as much space as a double but you still have that little bit of extra room for movement whilst you sleep. Single beds are great though as long as you use them wisely, if you put them up against the wall and sleep against the wall, you’ll feel like you have loads of space!

Think about guests

It’s highly likely at some point you will have guests staying over, more often that not, more than one at a time. Guests are likely to be crammed into the spare room which is usually the smallest room of the lot.

There are options available such as single beds with an additional bed underneath that slides out. You may also want to consider a double bed if you have couples or your parents staying over. With guest rooms you don’t have to worry as much about space as they are only in there on a temporary basis. So it’s unlikely they will be too bothered about a slightly more cramped experience.

You just need to make sure that the bed is pressed right up against the wall, or if it’s a double bed keep it in the middle so they have room to move either side of the bed.

Sleepover Premier Guest Bed

These are just some of the tips and tricks that you can put in place to make your bedroom a more spacious room which can truly become the bedroom of your dreams. Just a couple of small changes can make a massive difference!

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