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If you are looking to start your own business or maybe make some social media posts for yourself or your business then I can show you how. Using a few simple websites you can do them in minutes.

A notepad, laptop, mug of coffee and spectacles on a table
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What is a flat lay?

Flat lay photography is where you have an image taken from above or items spread out. Using a background such a marble is perfect for this as it has a slight pattern but generally can be ignored so the items on it are the main focus.

Macmillan coffee morning graphic - wooden surface with coffee and flowers

Why use flat lays?

The best was to use flat lay images is to showcase your products in a way that makes them look so appealing. Often a flat lay is also used to add text to and make your own social media graphics.

When using flat lays you make your brand look modern, stylish and create that organised and classy look.

A marble background with laptop, notepad, cup and spectacles with black text

How to use a flat lay to make a poster or social media graphic

There are so many backgrounds and props you could buy to make your own flat lays but it doesn’t have to be like that. You could use scene creator from design bundles to create the perfect flat lay in minutes using a free website such as canva.

Marble background with a cup of coffee and perfume with black text overlaying it

What can you use designs like this for?

If you are designing an invite for a party, a poster or just a funny slogan for Instagram then you can do it the same way.

After playing around with the scene creator I have found so many different ways to use the bundles and created this birthday invitation mockup in a few minutes.

A marble background with balloons and candy canes - birthday graphic

Other ways of using Scene Creator

If you have a promotion on for your business you could use Canva with Scene Creator to create all sorts of different images like this one below.

Marble background with black LOVE text overlaying it

Top tips for making your own images

If you are looking to make your own images like the ones I have shared above then here are some tips for you.

  • Include your website address or a call to action if needed. For example if you want to attend let me know by email.
  • Only use copyright free images that you have purchased or taken yourself.
  • Never use images from Google that you do not own, it could land you with a massive bill.
  • When you create the image it is easy using a program like Canva to make the same image in different sizes for different social media platforms.
  • The images from Scene Creator have a clear background so can be placed on top of anything.
  • Remember to use your brand texts or colours to really make your design pop!

Have you ever designed your own pins for your website or images for social media? This is something I do regularly and it can be so easy. Why not give it a go so that your Instagram really represents your brand. If you enjoyed this post you will love 5 blogging secrets no-one tells you.

The easy way to design your own social media posts

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