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Today I want to share with you a new towel that is honestly like nothing I have heard of before. Soji Towel is an antibacterial towel with handwoven antimicrobial silver into the cotton fibres.

It has recently launched on Kickstarter so you can own these towels whilst helping the brand to get the funding they need to really get this business going.

Here are 10 reasons the Soji Towel could be perfect for your family.


10 reasons to give Soji towels a try

Oversized for comfort

The Soji towels are oversized to be more comfortable for your family whilst also offering the amazing qualities of being antimicrobial and very hygienic.

The bigger the towel the better, don’t you think? It feels so much better getting out of a hot bath to a huge towel to wrap around yourself!

Extra soft for sensitive and baby skin

They are so soft they are perfect for sensitive skin and baby’s skin and they are even made to become softer in time, the opposite of most towels!

No chemicals

The antimicrobial properties of these towels are natural and safe so they are not full of chemicals. This is better for you and your family but also more eco-friendly so much better for the environment.

The best cotton

Soji towels are made with bamboo cotton which is often considered to be the softest cotton on earth so it is sure to be a lovely soft cotton towel perfect for pampering yourself after a nice relaxing soak in the bath after a long day.

This cotton is often used in hotel towels so you can be sure you are getting something soft and luxurious, I have never had a horrible hotel towel, have you?

Permanent silver

The silver is woven into the towels so it will not wash away or fade. This means the antimicrobial properties given by the silver should be there to stay however much you use the towels.

A lady with towel around her head

Less bacteria

Normal bath towels contain a high amount of bacteria surprisingly. You wouldn’t think it would you given you use them to dry yourself when you are clean but apparently the average bath towel contains 450 times more bacteria than a toilet seat!

Of course, if you wash your towel every day this will not be the case but, if you don’t, those germs are multiplying and ending up on your skin when you use them! By swapping to antimicrobial towels like Soji Towels you can prevent this easily.

Prevent skin conditions

Due to the towels being cleaner naturally the chances of developing acne, skin allergies etc are significantly reduced.

The bacteria and chemicals on normal towels can cause these things but by swapping to something like these you can reduce the acne flair ups significantly.

Makes you look younger

Ok, I lied a little here they reduce wrinkles and age lines by promoting elasticity in the skin which can make you look younger so really it is the same thing! The silver in the towels helps

They are machine washable

Despite all these amazing features these towels do not need any special treatment, you don’t have to buy anything special to wash them with and they can be washed safely at any temperature and still be amazing.

They can be yours for about 44 quid!

You can buy one hand towel and one bath towel through the Kickstarter campaign for around £44. The team are based in Hong Kong so the cost will always vary slightly if the exchange rate changes but this is usually pennies not pounds!

So, what do you think? Are Soji Towels for you?

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