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Harnessing the sun’s rays means energy production on repeat. The sun will not disappear any time soon, meaning that solar power will always be a renewable source of green energy.

Using the sun’s rays as an infinite energy source always means reducing reliance on power lines tied to the utility grid. A free energy source means significantly reduced electricity bills.

If you live further away from the utility grid, solar energy is helpful because it allows for electricity generation away from the grid.

Using solar power is beneficial to the environment but investing in solar energy also adds tremendous value to a property. It is also a potential form of income through “net metering” implementation.

What is net metering?

Net metering is an incentive-based approach to solar power, allowing a solar user and its utility to reap financial rewards from grid-tied solar energy.

If a solar power system generates more power than needed, that energy can be harvested back to the utility grid. Your utility will then permit you to harness more power from the grid, should your solar system not have the capacity to meet your electricity needs at any point in time. You can ask a solar company in Los Angeles County to help you with this.

Is net metering available to me? 

Net metering as an incentive is available mainly depending on your location and your local utility. Relevant policies can vary, depending on your state and your utility. Contracts for net metering are based on a KW/h capacity tiered system, which determines rates and distinguishes between residential and industrial or workplace use.

You can consult the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE) to help you figure out which net metering policies are relevant for your state. The DSIRE also provides access to legislation on net metering policies per state. The best solar panel company will have this information available.

Solar power does have its shortcomings

The initial investment is expensive. Regardless of size, installing solar can cost thousands of dollars. The system eventually pays off due to decreased electricity bills, but to get started requires a lot of money upfront.

Solar power requires the presence of the sun and can be impeded by poor weather. Shade, snow and persistent rain can affect solar panel performance. Without the sun, solar panels cannot create power efficiently. This can be resolved using additional equipment, but this again requires a financial commitment.

A home or a business will also need sufficient space to install panels. Panels are large (measuring over three feet in width and six to seven feet in height). A minor system consists of about twenty to thirty panels – there must be sufficient space to install panels in a home or business. The best solar companies can help with this step.

The other concern around solar use is the cost of storage. Solar batteries are pricey. If batteries are needed to store power off the grid or reserve energy for a grid-tied system, this can decrease return on investment. Batteries must only be used as backup when needed or as storage in areas that experience unpredictable power supply.

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