When I was asked to review this lovely jewellery box from Songmics I was delighted to as the jewellery boxes I have are ones I have had for years. It is the sort of thing you often put off buying and I had genuinely never got around to treating myself to a new one so this was a nice treat.

White jewellery box that is open on a sideboard, the box shows two empty trays and a ring compartment. next to the jewellery box is a plant of red flowers

The jewellery box I was sent is just £19.99 on Amazon so I must admit I wasn’t expecting much but was pleasantly surprised. It is lockable and feels of good quality. Not only that but the internal tray is sturdy and can be folded and clipped shut to make a small separate box if required.

a closed jewellery box on a table top, next to a larger white jewellery box

I was very impressed and thought not only was it nice for me but it would also make a nice gift.

The lock feels good and secure which is always nice because there are so many out there with flimsy little locks on. The mirror is firmly secured and of a good size and there is space for a nice selection of jewellery. Everything you need in a jewellery box really.

A key with a tassle inside the lock of a white jewellery box

The only thing I would say is that the colour wasn’t quite as I had expected. The Amazon image is very similar in colour to that I received but as it was described as beige I was cautious and wondered if a darker one would arrive.

Actually, the item, whilst described as beige I would describe it more as a cream colour. It is still nice but worth bearing in mind. I much prefer cream to beige anyway!

If you want to buy it head over to Amazon.

Pinterest pin of Songmics jewellery box on wooden surface

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