I was sent these Spanx in return for an honest review. All the reasons I love Spanx are my own.

Have you ever worn Spanx? You know, the underwear that sucks you in and smooths you out? There are lots of cheaper brands that do similar things but until last weekend I had never tried Spanx and as such wasn’t a fan of control underwear. My first real Spanx changed that view entirely and I just had to share with you why I now love Spanx.

Red Spanx Higher Power Panties pack on black surface

At the weekend I stopped being a Spanx virgin and wow it was amazing! The pair above are Spanx High Power Panties which you can buy from UK Lingerie. At £29 they aren’t cheapest knickers you will ever buy but I am sure they will be the best!  So why do I love them so much?

The 10 Reasons I love Spanx

They stop my belly wobbling so much which means if I wanted to jump I could without my belly looking like it had a mind of its own.

They are so comfortable and don’t roll down easily at the top like cheap control knickers I have bought before do!

Unlike other control underwear I have tried they are quite thin and feel just as nice on the skin as normal pants!

The look great when they are off because they are so small and stretch so much you can pretend you are skinny when you look at them.

They are cheaper than surgery and less painful!

In black and nude they work with every outfit, except your birthday suit sadly.

When I wear them I automatically felt more confident.

The sizes are accurate and the fitting was spot on even though I have chunky thighs.

This particular pair go all the way up to your bra so you don’t get a muffin top over them.

They do a whole range of sizes and this means pretty much everyone can feel as good as I do in them!

Spanx pants in black

One Reason why I didn’t like my Spanx

When teamed up with a playsuit they made it rather time-consuming going to the toilet. This was probably not helped by alcohol consumption I should add! No one told me how much you feel naked when using the toilet with a playsuit! Lesson learnt!

Do you fancy treating yourself to some Spanx? Or perhaps some other underwear for you or someone special from UK Lingerie? I have a giveaway for a £50 voucher to spend with them coming soon so watch this space!

Here is a picture of me in the playsuit with the Spanx on. Whilst with and without Spanx pictures were taken it really wasn’t obvious due to the style of the playsuit but my confidence and smile was the big difference. They made me feel me! Just Average Jen, not wobbly, not frumpy, just me!

Jen in a stripy jumpsuit
10 Reasons why I love Spanx - A review

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