The summer holidays can be a long tedious 6 weeks. How much of the time do you spend trying to get your child away from screens and out and about? I know the feeling so was pleased to be sent specdrums to review and share with you.

Specdrums product on wooden surface

What is specdrums?

If you imagine a touch type drum kit but a thousand times better then you have specdrums. By using an app to change the sounds and intros assigned to each colour you can create your own music. I appreciate this uses a phone or tablet so is not completely screenless however when you read more about it you will see why I loved it.

Using the app you assign each colour an intro or sound. You can also record and save music you have created in the app. Below is a screenshot of part of the app to give you an idea of how it works.

Screenshot of Specdrums

How does specdrums work?

Specdrums uses colour to make music. It does not have to be only with the mat provided but can be anywhere in the environment. Once you have the app loaded up you can walk anywhere and play music.

Simply wear the special ring which connects to the app and use it to touch colours. This could be leaves, flowers or items in shops, whatever you like that has a colour.

Specdrums mat on wooden surface

Is it battery-operated?

The little ring is charged by a USB cable and each charge lasts 2 hours. The app on the phone needs to be loaded up for it to work so of course it also uses your mobile phone battery.

Where can I buy Specdrums?

The Specdrums are available in one or two-ring sets from, Apple, John Lewis, Amazon, Argos, Very and Littlewoods. For £64.99 for the one-ring pack and £99.99 for a two-ring pack.

Person using Specdrums mat

Would I recommend Specdrums?

I love the idea of Specdrums and that children and adults alike can have a fun way of making music. For children, it would be a great way of learning colours and thinking about composing their own music.

I love that it works on colours everywhere so can be used out and about as a fun distraction. I definitely think I will take ours next time Ben goes to the hospital for his allergy testing day.

That appointment is a rather dull few hours of tests and this would be a great little thing to take.

The technology is great so I can see why it has the price tag that it has. I do however think that unless it is something you know your child will thoroughly enjoy and get a lot of use from it is a little expensive, but aren’t most toys nowadays?

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