Do you love cooking? As you know I do and I love to make my own spice blends but there is not always time is there. If you are looking for packets of spice blends with recipes and all measured out then Spicentice is your answer! I even have a discount code for you!

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Why I love Spicentice?

All the herbs and spices you need for a recipe are there in the pack measured for you.

The recipe is on a simple card and easy to follow.

If you are vegetarian or vegan they have recipes designed for you!

Many recipes are Slimming World or Weight Watchers friendly, as all ingredients are listed it is easy to work out any syns or points required. All the kit itself contains is herbs and spices.

The Spicentice kits are gluten free so you can adapt the recipe if required.

Orders are delivered quickly so you don’t have to plan too far in advance! Perfect for disorganised people like me!

The Spicentice kits are perfect for all the family with each kit making 4 portions.

They are much healthier than buying jars or microwave meals but can be just as quick (in my opinion).

Vegan enchiladas pack on white surface

A discount for you

If you would like to order from Spicentice then feel free to use my discount code JUSTJEN20 for 20% off. I get a little commision for every one that uses it at no cost to you which just means I can buy even more Spicentice kits!

Spicentice World product set

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  1. At this time of year I like nothing better than a good casserole made from scratch with loads of tasty veggies. I also like making soup again from scratch using stock made from boiling up a leftover chicken carcass, skin and bones.

  2. A roast dinner mostly from scratch sometimes cheat with the toasties if want it done quick. I always make my own Yorkshires

  3. I really love curry. I have been making it from a jar for a long time but more recently I’ve been trying to make it from scratch and it’s so much better using spices!

  4. I love Lamb Rogan Josh and I always make it from scratch using lots of different spices. I love the brown cardamons the best but I also use green ones, fennel seeds, cumin, coriander, cinnamon sticks, garlic, ginger, mace, cayenn powder and garam masala. Served with turmeric rice It has become our go-to dish as it is always a crowd pleaser.

  5. My favourite meal is a large salad with everything but the kitchen sink on the plate. When it’s really cold, though, I love to make pasta which I put together myself (I don’t make the actual pasta!).

  6. I like Malaysian Fish stew – I cook it from scratch using a recipe which was given to my mother-in-law by a Chinese friend.

  7. I make all my meals from scratch, I really don’t enjoy jars etc – I’m so sensitive to additives. My favourite dish is Thai curry atm, lots of lime. It’s also a pregnancy craving which is lucky!

  8. I love making vegetarian lasagne using lentils as a meat sub and the ln i use lots of veg to really making it filling

  9. Ill admit to not being the best chef in the world but I can make a mean spag bol from scratch….apart from the pasta which I of course buy

  10. I try to make everything from scratch and these spice kits would be a great help and save some time too.

  11. Chilli made with a jar of sauce but then with all sorts of extras, but must be served with mashed potato not rice.

  12. I love curry and sometimes use a jar, sometimes from scratch just depends on the time I have (and the motivation!)

  13. My favourite meal is a traditional roast dinner. I do cheat with the roast potatoes and roast parsnips, I buy frozen ones, but everything else I make from scratch, including the gravy.

  14. I very rarely do any cooking as my husband is an excellent cook and really enjoys making meals from scratch.

  15. Spag bol is a huge favourite for us, I make it from scratch and with jars of sauce but the completely homemade usually goes down the best!

  16. I love a chicken korma. At the moment I make it from a jar but would love to learn how to make it from scratch!

  17. love a good stir fry, so easy to make from scratch and topped off with a bangin’ seasoning you can’t go wrong!

  18. I love making tofu bhurji which is a vegan version of Indian style scrambled eggs. Doesn’t sound all that but I assure you it is food of the gods.

  19. Because of my crohns disease I rarely can eat a meal but I do like a little bit of macaroni cheese. I’m useless at cooking but my brother is a brilliant cook.

  20. I make a veggie curry from scratch most weeks – fresh veggies vary, sometimes use tinned chickpeas and coconut miik.

  21. As a keen cook, i always make everything from scratch but I don’t think I have a favourite meal, I like to cook something different every time

  22. I love cooking from scratch – love spice too – tuna pasta and soups are a favourite – chilli and curry too

  23. I love making curries. I love all kinds of herbs and spices and working out how well they all work together!
    Love making them from scratch!

  24. I love steak chilli from scratch. I make a massive pan full – my family has 2 or 3 helping each then we freeze the rest for dinners at work and just heat up a jacket potato

  25. It’s called Chicken Pie without the pastry, very tasty and I make all the meals from scratch much better for you and much tastier.

  26. Hubby makes me a lovely vegetarian Stir-Fry with tofu, rice, noodles & veg. Could eat it nearly every day! Hubby does the majority of the cooking & does everything from scratch.

  27. Slightly embarrassing but it’s a Chinese chicken curry. I get the Mayflower curry powder from b&m. Fry onions, chicken and peas, add the sauce, serve with chips and rice. Its awesome and tastes like its come from the takeaway. We have it a couple of times a week and the kids love it too!