I absolutely love cooking and don’t mind taking the time to measure out different spices. I love hunting out recipes for different meals. Sometimes it would be handy to just have the recipe and appropriate spices all in one place though, wouldn’t it? That’s where SpiceNtice comes in with their meal kits, rubs and seasonings.

What is SpiceNtice?

I have recently started working with SpiceNtice and have been trying out lots of their amazing packs. All I can say is wow! The prices are great and the meal kits have a list of ingredients you need and a spice sachet. There are kits for everything from curries to beer can chicken and soup to burgers. There really is something for everyone!

The kits vary in price starting at £1.59 and I have a special code for you to get a 20% discount. Just enter JUSTJEN20 in the codes area and 20% will be taken off for you!

All the kits are Slimming World friendly and whilst some of the ingredients for the recipes are not syn free you can easily work out the syns yourself or substitute for other things if you like.

They make lovely meals that are authentic and tasty. It makes it much better for you than buying jars of sauce. Quicker than finding a recipe and measuring out each individual spice before cooking. Generally, they are just great!

Spicentice chicken curry meal kit

The Gourmet Chips and Wedges kit is amazing and I have sprinkled ours in the Actifry with the raw chips and cooked them that way. We all love them!

Sweetcorn fritter with salad and wedges made with the coating from Spicentice

I can also highly recommend the Classic Chinese Chicken Curry too. It was made syn free by leaving out the flour and it was just as good. I made Stuarts with chicken and mine with Quorn.

Both were great and most definitely like a takeaway Chinese curry and so easy to make! Why not order some and pop it on the meal plan?

Chinese chicken curry


So if you fancy trying some meal kits, rubs or seasonings from SpiceNtice I would highly recommend them. Don’t forget to use my code for 20% off JUSTJEN20 and feel free to share with your family, friends, Slimming World group etc.

Pinterest pin of spoons holding various spices on black background

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