This article includes products we were sent from Spinmaster to review for you. All opinions are my own.

We were sent a couple of activities by Spinmaster to give Ben something different to do over Easter and while he is not in school. They also do lots of other amazing toys so I thought I would share with you a selection.

Kinetic sand

kinetic sand in box

Have you heard of Kinetic sand before? It essentially is parent-friendly sand. Kids who love sand will love it and it is nowhere near as messy as normal sand! A definite bonus!

You can slice it, shape it and mould it with ease. It is long lasting and great for those like Ben with delayed fine motor skills to help improve those and generally any child from 3 upwards.

This rainbow mix set is just one of a huge range of sets for varying prices. This one however is available for just £9.99 on Amazon and from a number of other retailers. Perfect if like me you are using Amazon Prime for everything at the moment!


Meccano dinosaur set in box

Meccano is another great product by Spinmaster and there are so many different sets available. Many include a variety of models that can be made from one set. This dinosaur one could be made into a choice of 10 models.

hands shown building meccano

It requires great patience and the use of fine motor skills. Ben is delayed in these so it did take us some time and I had to do some for him but I imagine you will know if this is suitable for your child’s development. It is recommended as age 8+.

Finished meccano dinosaur and boy in picture proudly holding his meccano tool

The pride in finishing the set is of course great as you can see from Ben above. The set is available in a variety of good toy retailers but again also on Amazon for £12.99.

Other toys from Spinmaster

Spinmaster make a variety of other toys that may be suitable for your child so I wanted to share a few of those with you too.


I reviewed the Zero Gravity laser racer (£27.92 on Amazon) if you fancy a read or if you fancy there is another blogger’s perspective here. Another Airhogs product is the Sonic rocket which is on Amazon at £32.90. We also have the Supernova which is cool!


This is a strange one, essentially an interactive robot bunny! Quite cool though so do have a look and see if this would be something to keep your young one occupied. It is currently £17.99 on Amazon.


Did you know that these are also made by Spinmaster? A very popular toy that involves a surprise so you do not know which one you will get until you open it! Here is an unboxing video of the Hatchimals surprise (£37.99 on Amazon). There is also the Hatchimals Pixies which vary in price depending on the pack size this one is £23.69 on Amazon. There are also glittery Hatchimals and so many more so pop and have a look!

Check out some family games from Spinmaster

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