I received this 5 Second Rule Spintensity game in return for an honest review and sharing with you the fun we had playing the game. When we sat to play it Ben had a bit of the sniffles so do forgive his puffy eyes – he hadn’t been crying just sneezing!

Closeup of boy and 5 Second Rule Spintensity game

What is the 5 Second Rule Spintensity game?

Have you ever played 5 second rule? Essentially it is a really basic but hilarious straight forward game where you name 3 things within 5 seconds. It’s frantic and fun – sounds easy but it isn’t!

The game is aimed at age 12+ and I can very much see why when you read the questions. Some were really hard! There are two sets of questions, green and blue. These questions are of the same difficulty level. In future editions, I hope they consider doing some easier and some harder cards!

The game includes the pictured timer and board. Simply press the timer before your five seconds are up, once you have answered the question and then move to the next player. It sounds easy, but it can be so fast-paced and intense!

Closeup of 5 Second Rule Spintensity game with green glowing light buzzer

How did we get on playing it?

We loved the game on the whole but we did find that sometimes the 5 seconds allowed for reading the question was too long and we ended up having more than the 5 seconds to answer in total!

As I said above some of the questions are quite tough making it fun but also quite intense! If I ask you now to name three things that could make you sick in 5 seconds you would laugh saying how easy it is.

Try putting things like that to the test. It is not as easy as it sounds and will have you talking as fast as you can before hitting the button as quickly as you can!

Teen boy playing 5 Second Rule Spintensity

Would we recommend the 5 Second Rule Spintensity game?

We all had great fun playing the game and would definitely recommend it. I think it would be made better by different level questions but there is nothing stopping you rooting through and taking out a few of the harder ones.

Especially if you’re playing with kids of 12 who might not know what a man bun is, let alone three actors with one!

If you like the sound of the game and fancy buying it for yourself or for a family’s Christmas gift then you can buy it at Smyths, Argos at £15 and John Lewis. It would make a great game for the family to play over the Christmas school holidays with fun for everyone. Even younger children could join in if you carefully sort the cards so the ones they can do are in a separate pile for their turn.

Another great use for the game I can imagine would be for a group of adults after a few drinks. You know when you are at that stage when getting the right words out quickly can be a challenge and you can’t for the life of you remember that TV show you watched earlier! Imagine drunkenly playing the game?

A little gameplay video

Pinterest pin of 5 Second Rule Spintensity on red and white starred surace

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