At the moment staying in has become the new normal, hasn’t it? Staying sane on the other hand is not always as easy, is it? We don’t all want to come out of this a few clothes sizes bigger or an alcoholic so we have to turn to things to keep us busy away from food and drinks.

Trying to remain optimistic is not always easy but I know you can do it. Check out these tips to help you. Here are a few ideas you may find helpful.

Sporty woman sits on a table with her eyes closed and meditates.
Sporty woman sits on a table with her eyes closed and meditates.

Thinking and making plans

Sometimes a good thing to help us out of a bit of a rut is to think of things we will do when times have changed. Perhaps make a travel bucket list or collate some recipes you would love to make?

Another thing to consider is mindfulness and being sure to spend time every day thinking about what we have and what is around us.

Watching TV and films

Relaxing and watching TV and films can really help us to relax. Our mind is really taken off the current stresses and we can even learn something new. If you have a Tastecard then you can get a discount on Rakuten TV for movie rentals. Definitely worth remembering if you want to rent the latest films! With the Tastecard they generally work out cheaper than Prime video from Amazon and Sky store!

Learn a new craft

Sometimes we need to keep both our brain and hands busy so learning a new craft can be perfect for this. I love this Iris folding Ben did for me with his tutor recently for Mother’s Day. If you like to sew then how about making your own face masks?

white photo frame with heart shaped iris folding

Having a day off

How about you have a day off your usual chores? Could you order a takeaway (again if you have a tastecard this will save you money!)? How about when you next get shopping choosing some convenience meals so you get a day off?

Just scheduling a day off every week or two can make a huge difference to your well-being and staying sane. No one can do everything every day without a break. You would not expect anyone else to so do not put yourself under that pressure either.

If you can’t have a day of cooking then how about making easy slow cooker meals like this Jamaican beef stew?

Chinese food buffet self service lunch or dinner
Chinese food buffet self service lunch or dinner

Zoom with friends and family

Have you had video calls with your friends or family yet? This is a great way of feeling closer to those we have not seen for a while and much more personal than a phone call. Staying sane relies on being able to keep in touch with people we care about so make this a priority. Remember to make sure the men in your family get involved too. It is hard for men and dads need self-care too.

lady with a laptop on her outstretched legs and healthy food

Pamper yourself

Just because you can not go to the hairdressers or a spa does not mean you can not feel pampered. Perhaps treat yourself to some new skincare products to enjoy or a new candle? Think of what makes you feel pampered and relaxed and spend a little on yourself to get that feeling.

These goodies from Ready Steady Glow are perfect for relaxing.

Glow bath salts and oil
Infographic of things for girls to do when staying in
Infographic Design By Aubrey Bay Candles UK
Staying in and staying sane as an adult

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  1. Great Post with some great tips. Thank you. I love the iris folding, it looks really clever. As for watching films Disney + has been good for us and the family. We have a weekly games night with family on zoom and play games through jack box.