This article includes advertising for brands however I do only recommend products I genuinely do think would make a great gift. Stocking fillers for children can end up being just chocolate and selection boxes if you are not careful but they don’t have to be. These ideas should help you to find something perfect for Santa to add to their stocking this year.

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These amazing award-winning cards really are the perfect stocking filler for a variety of ages. There are a huge variety of categories available but my favourite is these Amazing British bugs cards. They are perfect for youngsters with an interest in bugs to learn a little more.

Some of the other varieties of cards have more detail than these for older children too. Each card is double-sided with a different creature on each side and the coloured backgrounds help them to categorise the creatures too. With original detailed illustrations and facts, they are educational but fun too. Check more details about them on the Button and Squirt website where they are £10 a pack.

The colouring books by Button and Squirt are a great gift alongside the cards above but could also be given separately. They are just £5 and such a lovely gift from a UK small business so I would love it if you would consider these as a stocking filler this year. Below is an image from inside to give you an idea of the detail of this one.

Aren’t they just lovely?

moonshine ball

Waboba Moonshine is a light-up bouncy ball that is absolutely amazing. It makes a unique pop sound when it hits the floor and every time it bounces it lights up for up to 7 seconds and bounces up to 100 feet! It is suitable for ages 5+ and is £8.99 from Amazon.

horoscopes book

If you are looking for a gift for a teen or a spiritual friend who is very interested in horoscopes then this 2023 horoscopes book could be perfect. It is written by Patsy Bennett, an Australian celebrity astrologer who has been doing this for over 24 years! This book is available from Amazon for around £14.

uh oh milo book

Uh Oh Milo, The Excited Elf is a great book in the Uh Oh Milo series perfect for children approximately under the age of 7. The excited elf is aimed at encouraging children to sleep early on Christmas eve as they hear all about an excited elf who is waiting for children to sleep to get busy! The book is £7.99 from Uh Oh Milo.

Boxbollen boxball set for boxing

Have you seen the latest fitness craze of Boxbollen? It is really fun and basically uses an app along with this headband with an attached ball to safely box for fitness or fun. Prices are from £19.99 and are available directly from Boxbollen.

Kanoodle Jr is a great game for kids ages 4-7 and is a learning logic-type game for kids to play on their own. It is just £14 from Learning Resources and will last them a few years of fun and is a great educational gift.

Haribo is a great option to fill any stocking. These two boxes are a good size so they take up a lot of space for very little cost if you are short on money this year and most kids like Haribo! These two packs are available in most supermarkets and some smaller stores.

mens top tier gift set

This Nivea Men Top Tier gift set is a perfect gift for any teenage boy. It is usually £10 so an easy buy but worth watching out for offers like 3 for 2 when you might get it included and save some money! The set includes Antiperspirant, face wash and shower gel, all in full-size bottles.

Tammy and Willow book

This novel for youngsters is about a girl called Hannah who spends a lot of time with her beloved dog and is upset when she passes away. Her life carries on and she falls in love with another dog but the new dog can see the deceased dog. An entertaining book that youngsters will love aged around 7-11 especially if they have lost a pet. It is available from Amazon for £9.19.

Small tin of thinking putty

If you are looking for a gift for a child who loves slime and putty then Crazy Aarons Thinking Putty is a great gift. I love it too so you could give it to someone of any age but in my experience age 6+ is the sort of age who would most like this. It is however suitable from age 3. You can buy it on Amazon from £7.99.

Friends desk calendar

As a teenager many of us loved Friends but it is still popular now. Many older children and teens are huge fans of the 90’s show and I know my son Ben loves it too. This Friends desk calendar is perfect for on their desk or bedside table and is just £10.99 from Danilo.

cocoba chocolate bombes

Who doesn’t love chocolate bombes? These from Cocoba are especially nice and with a pack of three including dark, milk and white chocolate they are so tasty! This pack is just £9.95 and I even have a 15% discount code for you too to make them even cheaper, simply use code AVERAGEJEN15 at checkout! Cocoba also do a vegan pack of hot chocolate bombes!

These Boozy hot chocolate bombes are another great gift and also £9.95 for the pack, cheaper if you use my discount code above! They are alcohol flavoured but actually alcohol-free so a great gift for youngsters who want to join in with things like Irish coffees but can’t have alcohol and don’t like coffee!

kinetic sand

Kinetic sand is a popular activity for youngsters with little packs like this being perfect for stockings up to larger packs for a more significant gift. Check out the range on Amazon to buy one for your youngster stocking with prices from £5.


Playfoam from Learning Resources is a great sensory gift for those who love putty, slime etc as it doesn’t dry out! There is a huge range of Playfoam available starting at £7 so take a look on Amazon and consider adding it to the stocking of anyone age 3+.

Golden glow bauble

The Evolve Organic Beauty golden Glow bauble is one of the favourites from my secret Santa gift guide. A small hanging bauble gift with a Bio-Retinol gold mask inside. For £13 (down from £15) it would make a great low-cost beauty gift.

lindt bags of chocolate

Lindt and Lindor’s goodies are a lovely addition to a stocking, they are super tasty and cute at the same time. Unlike cheap chocolate though, you might find yourself wanting to pinch them! Available from most supermarkets!

Gaia cracker with rollerball

The Gaia pulse point cracker is a great low-cost gift that you don’t necessarily even need to wrap up! It is designed for her to rub onto her wrists or other pulse points and contains black pepper and ginger and is formulated to help the immune system and bring positive emotions and a feeling of empowerment. It smells lovely and is just £15 from Gaia Skincare.

fruit bowl snacks

Fruit Bowl snacks make a great stocking filler for children of all ages as a healthier alternative to selection boxes and chocolate. They are available in most supermarkets.

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