This best stocking fillers guide includes items I have been sent by brands to consider for inclusion which is seen as advertising. I have only included items I genuinely would recommend and items I was not sent too just because they are great ideas for Christmas presents.

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Stocking fillers for babies and toddlers

I absolutely love these Rock-a-Boat with 7 Woodlies. The characters are made in easy to hold sustainable wood perfect for small hands and designed for ages 12 months plus so great for the development of hand eye coordination and two different sets are available. I think they are adorable! Check them out here for £40.

If you are struggling to fill a young child stocking how about some new bowls and plates for them to eat from. Kids love things like this because they are special and just for them but also as a parent it is a helpful gift that means you are not buying endless toys that get shoved to the back of a cupboard. The gift sets from Eco Rascals are great as they are good for the environment, hardwearing and perfect for youngsters so why not buy them to add to the stocking this year?

Stocking fillers for preschoolers and young children

squibbles books

Fancy buying kids a colouring book but want something different and fun? The Squibbles are unique, cool and designed to make any youngster smile. Check them out on the Squibbles website and my photo below!

squibbles books open

Personally, I think they should design some adult ones to match!

How about this new colours book to help your youngster learn their colours or learn to read. It is £7.99 on Amazon.

Play chocolate set

PLAYin CHOC is a unique gift idea with each box containing two chocolates and a little puzzle. There are sets like the one above with 6 boxes in for £15 or advent calendars with 24 boxes (£55) or 12 boxes (£27.50) to make a fun and tasty gift for the little one who loves chocolate and little puzzles! Check out the PLAYin CHOC website for more details and to buy.

Orchard toys pigs in blankets mini game

Orchard Toys are a popular brand of games and puzzles for young children, well known due to always being of good quality and often being used in schools and nursery schools. This Pigs in Blankets game is perfect for children aged 3-7 and is only £5.35 directly from Orchard Toys.

Stocking fillers for older children and teenagers

Journal pages on red and white background

This starters journaling set from Oops A Daisy is a great introduction to journaling if this is something your older child or teen may enjoy. This is a great set for any young person you may be buying for. Check out all the range here.

Top Trumps games on red and white background

Top trumps is a great family gifts with so many varieties available! They do quiz boxes suitable for older children and adults but also the standard Top Trumps which are suitable for all ages once children can read enough in my opinion. These Roald Dahl ones are lovely. Which are your families favourite Top Trumps?

Pass The Pugs game on red and white background

Pass the pugs would be a great gift for a family with children over 6, essentially it is the same as the pass the pigs game you have probably played before but with pugs! Available for £8.49 from Zavvi.

Stocking fillers suitable for most children

Most children like to have some sweets or snacks in their stockings. Here are some ideas which are available in most supermarkets.

How about a chocolate pizza kit? This box is £12 though and contains the below so it depends if you think it would make a good gift for someone who will make it into a pizza. Otherwise, check out the other gifts on Cadbury Gifts Direct.

What do you think? Would you make it?

Boka marshmallows

How about a pack of sugar-free mini marshmallows in the stockings? These from Boka are 17g each and have 36 calories per bag so not too bad for them before their Christmas dinner! 24 mini bags like this for £15.

Check out lots of other gift guides and my tips on what not to buy here.

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