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Do you make up a stocking for your partner, adult children or even parents? We all know Santa does ones for the kids but do adults have to miss out? How does it work in your house? I have some research from Wish which was quite surprising!

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Who gets a stocking?

According to Wish men aged 18-24 are most likely to receive a stocking and women 31-35 the least! I wonder if it is those women buying them for their younger brothers or partners or parents buying them for men who live at home?

Data shows you are 12% more likely to receive a stocking if you are in a relationship! I honestly can’t remember ever doing adult stockings though maybe I am wrong and just have a bad memory!

Apparently half of those asked prefer to receive stockings, two thirds of young adults want to bring back the tradition. Maybe I am unusual or at 39 I am no longer considered a young adult!

Apparently more women would like to receive a stocking than men. I do wonder though if that is because women are rarely spoilt at Christmas but they want to be and would accept any presents stocking or not? Or is that sexist? 1500 adults were asked so a good sample and maybe I am just too old as they asked 18-35 year olds!

A closeup of stocking fillers on a carpet

What do you put in a stocking for an adult?

If you do make up adult stockings do you fill it with silly presents like those above from Wish? Thoughtful presents like jewellery or perfume? Or perhaps just random things like wine and chocolate?

The above goodies are all fun and random presents from the Wish app ro website. In case you are wondering what some of them are, they are:

A beer belly, kind of like a bumbag of a belly!

An Eye Mask

Santa toilet seat cover

Burrito blanket

Sequin pillow with an image of Nicholas cage

A dog mane so the dog looks like a lion

Fish slippers/sandals

Toilet golf

All rather random but funny gifts I am sure you will agree! Would you like any of them in your stocking this year? Could you imagine anyone they would be perfect gifts for?

Wish is the perfect place to buy novelty presents for stockings or gifts for secret santa, who wants another toiletries gift set anyway when they can have fish slippers?

Are you buying anyone stockings this year? Would you like to receive one?

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