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On the third lockdown since the start of the pandemic, you’re probably becoming aware of clutter in your home. We accumulate a lot of things, especially when you’re stuck at home for extended periods of time. Clutter is not only messy. It can also get stressful. However, you can’t always afford to throw away your stuff!

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Marie Kondo says that you need to remove all the things that don’t inspire joy. But, let’s be honest, how much joy do you get out of your wintertime bedding or the pots of paint you’ve used in your hallway? We accumulate clutter because we need a lot of things!

It makes no doubt that investing in smart furniture items that can safely hold your basket or boxes out of sight is the perfect way to make your home feel spacious. It’s the perfect way of managing everyday clutter. But there are many unused areas in your home that can provide new storage options.

Use the loft

In the typical British home, the loft tends to remain unused. You may not be ready to complete a full loft conversion, but you can transform the space into an organised storage area. You will need to create a stable floor to maximise storage in the loft. This will allow you to stack containers, boxes, and create shelving units. Remember to add some lighting, as it’ll make the space more convenient to use. Dark lofts tend to get messy rapidly! 

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Use your crawl space

Not all homes have an accessible crawl space, however, if you do, you can make use of it. The crawl space acts as an empty area that sits between the foundations of your house and the ground level. As expert explains, most crawl spaces are not insulated. You will need to waterproof and insulate the area before you can turn it into a storage room. This will also considerably reduce your energy costs as the house will be more likely to keep the heat in winter! 

What can you store inside your crawl space? Depending on its size, you could store seasonal items that are not used frequently, such as your Christmas decorations or the inflatable swimming pool. It’s also a great place to keep additional beddings and blankets for guests. 

Make the garden shed work harder

We all love a quirky garden shed. Depending on its size, you could add some smart storage to your shed. As per, once you’ve emptied the shed, you can start grouping items together and planning your shed layout. Stackable boxes, vertical storage, and adjustable shelving ideas can transform your messy shed into a gardener’s or DIY enthusiast’s dream. Ideally, you’ll be keeping gardening tools in the shed. If the size allows, it’s the ideal place to keep your car toolkit, garden furniture, and other outdoor items.

In conclusion, clutter is only the result of poor storage planning. When we can’t get rid of the stuff we need, we need to find how to store it safely and out of sight. However, it’s fair to say that you need to maintain your storage space. Don’t let it get damp or attract pests while you’re not looking. Whether you are using the loft of the crawl space, plan frequent checks. Remember to declutter yearly to get rid of stored items that are no longer useful. Smart storage keeps your stuff out of sight, but not out of mind!

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