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I am not a gardener, I am the first to admit that! I do enjoy it once in a while when I get into it but I do not keep a cactus in the house alive never mind a garden full of bedding plants etc. I can cut the grass, that is about my limit but it never looks good because of moss, weeds etc. So here are my top tips for stress-free gardening and things I would do given the money!

lovely stress-free garden
This isn’t my garden but it is nice!

Stress-free plants

My plan for stress-free gardening involves really easy plants. I have seen a plants subscription called Lazy Flora I like the idea of. They send you plants monthly and tell you where they need to grow and how to care for them etc.

Alternatively perhaps artificial plants or a tree as they need no maintenance at all. Other than a hose down I guess when they get dirty if there has been no rain!

Wooden container full of fresh herbs
wooden container with fresh herbs

An easy lawn

My idea of an easy lawn is imitation grass. I can’t believe how good it looks nowadays. No more weeds, moss or dandelions on the lawn. Nice and simple and looks good all year! My idea of stress-free gardening for sure!

Using a pressure washer to clean the patio and the grass at the same time! Simple, easy and there is no way I can do anything wrong with that! I guess I could flood the place but short of that, I think I am safe.

Artificial grass in a beautiful stress free garden

Patio and paving

I think if you invest in a good stylish patio or paving slabs throughout the garden then you will have a stylish garden without needing too much else. Just look at the image above for example. Artificial grass, some lovely stylish paving and a hot tub with minimal plants and it looks good, doesn’t it?

Stress-free gardening for children

If you want your children to be involved in the gardening and want them to get dirty and not just join you in hosing down plants or grass then fear not. You could get a few nice pots and grow potatoes, herbs or even just some sunflowers this can be easy for them.

Pots are available really cheaply from a variety of shops but you could also be creative and use things from around the house. I have seen people plant things in old wellies, toy boxes or even in an old sink or toilet. I know it sounds crazy but someone on my road has a toilet in their front garden used as a planter. Whilst I love the idea of reusing things and being eco-friendly I personally think this is taking it a little far. What do you think?

Nursery full of potted plants
Potted plants at nursery

Your garden

What is your garden like, or your dream garden? Would you go for an easy to maintain stress-free garden like me or would you love a garden needing a lot of upkeep? Are you a keen gardener? Can you recommend any easy to grow plants? I would love a nice easy to maintain house plant but I have tried cactus, orchid and various others and all I manage to keep alive is herbs!

Pinterest pin of closeup of colourful flowers

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