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We’re living through a time of unprecedented global stress. Our daily lives have changed enormously. Options for work and leisure were hugely curtailed, and daily news briefings that could send a spark of anxiety through anyone.

Maintaining mental health is as important as maintaining physical health in these difficult times. It’s important to bring the concept of self-care into sharp focus. It’s a term that has become somewhat diluted, and now conjures up only Instagrammable events: candlelit baths, and elaborate beauty routines.

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What is Self Care?

The basic definition of self-care is an action taken to support your well-being and happiness, particularly during stressful times. The key to focus on here is ‘your well-being’. What amounts to self-care for you might not count for someone else.

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Good Self-care

Coming up with a good self-care regime that works for you takes time and reflection. You need to think about what truly helps you deal with stress, whether it’s confronting problems head-on, distraction techniques or rest and relaxation. Then what really helps you to achieve those states.

For some, self-care will mean taking the time to cook a full meal, clean and tidy away afterwards. For others, that candlelit bath really will be the relaxation that helps soothe the stress away. It can leave them renewed and more able to face the challenges that life brings. If what you need is a distraction and a sense of accomplishment that’s not tied to the workplace, a craft subscription box could be the perfect solution!

Often, finding the right self-care for you involves understanding the most important things that your stresses and responsibilities deny you, and trying to redress that balance. If you follow someone else’s instructions without checking in with yourself that they will actually help, you could find yourself feeling more stressed because you’re creating work for yourself!

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Respecting Your Time

When you’ve identified a self-care routine that works for you, you need to make sure you protect the time that you devote to it. It’s as important as the time you spend working or socialising because it’s what allows you to keep on working and socialising.

Block out time for these activities that restore your mental and physical resources. Respect it – and ask others to respect it – as you would time in a work meeting, or on a vital project. If your work-life balance has drifted into unhealthy territory, this is your chance to reset it!

I am spending lots of time planning for the future too with travel plans, shopping online for different ingredients and cooking new meals, and of course, spending time on social media and updating my SEO and playing games with Ben. I have even started painting the bathroom! So many things do help you keep busy. What helps you? I hope that none of my readers are in abusive relationships but do reach out if you are and I can help signpost you to support. Are you like me just gaining weight or are you more healthy on the lockdown?

Comment below your self-care sanity savers and lockdown essentials.

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