When being single, it is easy to feel like you are incomplete and constantly waiting for someone that will solve all of your problems. You may experience such feelings due to various reasons – from social standards to your movie choices in younger years when any of those romanticizes interpersonal relationships and forces the idea of finding your other half.

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Worrying about being single forever is a very toxic, poisonous thought that leads to rash decisions and even anxiety disorders. Below, you will find several reasons that will help you stop stressing about your single status and prevent you from settling for less. Are you happily single? Maybe if you are there is no need to change!

Getting To Know Yourself Perfectly

No matter how society tries to present it, singlehood indeed has its own benefits. Perhaps the most valuable one of them is the opportunity to take your time and get to know yourself.

It means you can set career goals, and determine your life values and desirable points for personal growth relying only on your completely unbiased choices. And then start looking for a life partner that will respect and support them.

Besides, exploring yourself does not limit to identifying your priorities but extends to your sexuality as well. Experts say it is crucial to discover your pleasure points and preferences to make your intimate relationships satisfactory.

Thus, by knowing what you want from life and what you want from other people in your life, you will eventually find your partner in crime.

Time to Sort Out Your Expectations

One way or another, we all have our expectations towards future long-term relationships or even a clear idea of the right person.

The truth is, if such expectations are too strict, they are more likely to harm your relationship and lead to disappointment or even abuse than allow you to be happy.

You cannot expect someone to match your projection of them as well as to force them to adjust to it.

Indeed, setting your personal boundaries and determining your dos and don’ts in a relationship is essential, but going further will do no good.

Take this time alone to deal with all unrealistic, unfeasible expectations. Later, it will allow you to start building genuine, healthy relationships with real people instead of fulfilling the image in your head.

Pressure Is Inevitable

Mass media, pop culture, society (influenced by the previous two factors), your family, friends, colleagues, or other people whose opinions you have your reasons to deem important will always have something to say about you, still being single. The only thing you can do about it is to accept it as a fact.

However, such pressure only contributes to your anxiety, so make your position clear to the people around you, especially if they are tactless or crossing the line.

Besides, it will open up the opportunity for you to see who actually worries about you and who just asserts themselves at your expense. Thus, you will be able to set boundaries from the latter and find an understanding with your friends and family.

Love Has Many Faces

We, as human beings, always tend to focus on the worst, which results in missing the good parts. Earlier, it helped humans survive, but now, in a civilized world, it only leads to overlooking valuable relationships you have under your nose in favour of mourning someone you haven’t even met yet.

Take a closer look at the interactions you make with many other people every day and evaluate them. We bet you will find a healthy, fulfilling relationship that already exists and is filled with unconditional love, but not a romantic one.

It can be your friend, sister or brother, or people you work with – focus on them, and make sure they feel appreciated before you try to find someone else.

Nobody Will Make You Happy But You

It is the one thing society never tells you. You, and only you, are responsible for your happiness, and happiness requires making decisions.

No other person can make you happy if you do not know how to be happy yourself, and if you are afraid of being single forever – remember that you are the only person you will always have.

“Happiness is only real when shared,” that is correct. But to say that it is achievable only when you get married or date someone would be a horrible overstatement.

Learning to spend time on your own without feeling lonely is the best way to stop worrying and reduce anxiety over being single.

The Final Note

Loneliness is an unavoidable existential feeling that every person experiences in life. Sooner or later, it overtakes anybody – men and women, teens and seniors, single people and married ones. But the most amusing thing about loneliness is that once you tame it, it has no more power over you.

Many people often jump from one relationship straight into another, trying to fulfil their needs. However, to ensure a healthy relationship with anybody – you have to build one with yourself first. Do not perceive your single status as a burden or a full stop, but use it to your advantage and get to really know yourself!

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