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At the end of this month Stuart has his birthday. He is so difficult to buy for and I really do not know what to buy. He does not have many hobbies and those he does have he buys what he needs for so why oh why do I have this problem every year?

It really does not help that his birthday is so close to Christmas. I use all my ideas up at Christmas and then panic in January!

A chocolate birthday cake with lit Happy Birthday candles
A birthday cake with candles

I thought I would share with you the ideas I have so far but maybe you can comment and help me with ideas.

An Apple watch

Stuart has an apple iPhone so maybe he would love an Apple watch? I have seen some lovely Apple Watch bands so I am very tempted. It is a little more expensive than I was hoping to spend but given my lack of ideas, it may be one of my only choices!

A trip away

I would love to take him on a trip away but I really am not sure it is a great gift idea. Last year we went to London but I can’t really do that again can I? We do go away sometimes but that feels more like a joint treat than a birthday gift. Do you feel like this about trips for gifts?

Tickets for a concert

This is an idea I have had for years but I can never find any kind of tickets that are perfect for this. Typical isn’t it! I know he would love to go to WWE but have you seen the price of those tickets? I couldn’t take him without Ben as Ben would love it and then we would need good seats so Ben wouldn’t be stressed so it could cost over £1000 for 3 tickets!


This is something that Stuart has actually asked for a few times. I do worry that it is a bit of a child-like present though so wonder if I should buy it or not. Besides the fact that it takes up a lot of space!


I always resort to clothes or shoes but this is usually a last resort when I can’t think of anything else! Maybe I will just have to go for trainers again? Or yet more clothes, I got him some recently but he might like more, right?

A drone or other gadget

Men like gadgets don’t they? Maybe there is a gadget I could buy him? I have no idea what though as he has a dashcam, a new phone, an iPad and I can’t think of anything he would love and doesn’t have!

Do you, like me, think that men are difficult to buy for? Check out these gift ideas which may help you too, what about a men’s self-care gift?. I am so jealous of people who have partners who are interested in things like golf which make it easier to buy gifts. He always says I am difficult but for Christmas, I asked for a Pandora bracelet so that every gift he wants to buy me he can’t complain anymore and can just buy me a charm!

Pinterest pin of birthday decor

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