We received a code to download Super Mario Maker 2 on the Nintendo Switch free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own and those of Ben.

Ben loves his Nintendo Switch. It is the perfect gadget for home and travels as it can be both connected to the TV and used out and about as a handheld console. Once you have downloaded a game or purchased a game on a cartridge you generally do not need WiFi to play games.

Super Mario Maker 2 on the nintendo Switch

Who is Super Mario Maker 2 aimed at?

The game is really aimed at anyone who likes Mario games. If you remember the older Mario games on the SNES then you will most certainly love this game.

It has some of the different themes eg. Super Mario Bros, Super Mario World etc on it so you can play in that style feeling like you are back playing the older games!

The game could be played by young children and older children alike. It is a typical Super Mario game in that it has no violence, swearing etc and will be fun for everyone!

Super Mario Maker game on black Nintendo Switch

Super Mario Maker 2 – How to Play

This game can be played in two modes, make and play. The Play mode is like a story mode where you play already-made levels and progress through the story at your own speed.

The make mode is a great idea in that you design your own levels with different course themes, choosing the speed of the gameplay and time. Once you have chosen those you literally make the level however you like with different terrains, gizmos, items and enemies. The opportunities are endless.

The game also allows you to play with a friend. You each have one of the Joycons and play a game together. The games you can play with friends are both those you have created and those already on the cartridge.

If you chose to play online then there is a course world that allows that. On this part, you can play other levels, play people online and view leaderboards etc. This does however involve paying for the Nintendo Switch online. Ben has enjoyed playing it without this element though so it is definitely not essential.

Levels you design yourself can easily be saved so you can play them again. From here you can show them to friends or edit the course to improve it when you have new ideas.

Person paying Super Mario Maker 2 on black Nintendo Switch

Ben’s views of the game

Ben absolutely loves the game. It is perfect for when we are travelling as he can sit and play it in the car. He sits for hours making his own levels with the only thing we need to provide is a cable to keep the Switch from losing charge!

Ben says the game is versatile and great for all ages. He thinks it is great to see what Mario was like back in the day of your parents. Ben loves the endless possibilities you have when creating levels. He especially loves being able to change the water levels on some of the themes!

My views of the game

I am really not a gaming fan however seeing Ben enjoy it means it ticks lots of boxes for me. I love how it is not just one game to complete and can last hours building your own levels. This is one game I can not see him getting bored of any time soon!

If you want to buy Super Mario Maker pop over to Amazon and if you have Amazon Prime you could even have it tomorrow! Most places sell it though so you will find it easily and you can even buy it on the Nintendo e-shop.

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