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Most people are well aware that a healthy body and mind leads to a healthy life. However, to live well, a healthy environment is vital. That is why sustainable activewear is important.

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Thankfully, many fitness and wellness enthusiasts are now starting to realize the importance of creating a healthy planet. But as someone who prioritizes health, how can we do our bit towards creating a better world? One way is by choosing sustainable clothing. 

With activewear becoming a major trend in the wellness world, consumers and manufacturers alike are investigating how our gym apparel can be more ethical. Here are the three most important factors to consider when choosing athleisure clothing that protects the environment. 

Opt for eco-friendly materials in your sustainable activewear

What constitutes a “sustainable” fabric versus one that is toxic to the earth? Well, sustainable clothing refers to fabrics obtained from eco-friendly resources, such as sustainably grown fibre crops or recycled materials. 

Many activewear brands have created eco-friendly collections from either recycled or natural fibres. One of the most popular sustainable fabrics is organic cotton. This is a favoured material as it is made from natural fibres, contains no pesticides or chemicals, and is biodegradable. Organic cotton is also a perfect match for activewear as it is soft, breathable, and great at wicking away sweat.

That being said, if you’re looking for the most sustainable cotton, go recycled. Recycled or upcycled cotton is made using post-industrial and post-consumer cotton waste. Opting for recycled fabric can help to reduce water and energy consumption, as well as prevent clothes from ending up in the landfill.

Shop at climate-neutral sites

When it comes to environmentally friendly shopping it’s not just the clothes themselves that play a role. The way the retailer operates its stores and business can be equally as protective or destroying for the planet. Choosing sustainable activewear is best from a good eco-friendly shop.

Look for athleisure companies that proactively integrate earth-friendly practices into all aspects of the business. An example of this is the activewear brand Fabletics who have partnered with recently renowned sustainability experts. This collaboration has helped to evaluate the energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission that’s emitted through the electricity and water usage at their retail locations. 

Choose ‘ethically made’ clothing

Another aspect to consider is how your clothes are made. Ethical fashion is about designing and manufacturing clothes in a way that cares for people and communities. Choose retailers who have a high labour rating in their clothes production. 

Ethically made clothing means the workers who make the clothes are paid a fair living wage and are working under safe conditions. Better still, opt for a conscious fashion brand that promotes worker empowerment initiatives such as collective bargaining or rights to make a complaint. 

Sustainable shopping covers a broader spectrum than we first think. As conscious consumers, these three tips are a fantastic starting point for doing our bit to create a healthy environment for ourselves and everyone else too.

Will you choose sustainable activewear next time you are buying it? There is sustainable activewear for yoga too not just running so why not take a look.

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