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Charity is a very important thing to get involved with; the ability to be able to do something for your fellow human or animal, or even just to raise some money or awareness for the world at large, is the worthiest cause known to man. When it comes to raising your children to have some good morals, teaching them about charity from a young age is a great way to get started. 

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There are many ways to encourage charity, but the best way to learn is from you! (Pexels Image – CC0 Licence)

Focus on Encouraging Kindness

Encouraging kindness is something kids can do very well on their own, as long as they’ve had a good example set for them. Being kind to other people can feel really good, and that’s something you want your kids to be able to focus on, especially if there’s a bit extra positive reinforcement thrown into the mix. 

Your kids are already going to feel pretty happy that they’ve done something nice for someone else, but when they turn to look at you for approval, it’s key to show them just how proud of them you are about what they’ve done. So, when you’re trying to ensure they enjoy a charity event, or instill these values into them when they’re at school or with their friends, tell them just how good they’ve been in being kind. 

Make it Fun!

Making it fun ensures you’ll capture your child’s attention for longer than just a few minutes at a time, and seeing as kids can move on in the span of 30 seconds, this is essential! And beyond this, charity should be a fun and interesting concept to your child’s mind, so making sure they can enjoy themselves as they learn about it, and also in carrying out a charity event, is very important. 

So take them along to some more fun and kid friendly events. Carnivals and funfairs run by local schools, for example, and even think about setting up a fun and family friendly event of your own. For example, organising a fun run will not only show your kid the ropes, but also ensure they’re getting to use their energy and compete in something that gets their heart racing. For kids, that’s a lot of fun! 

Get Involved as a Family

And finally, once again, it’s imperative to set an example and show your kids the way. So, rather than stand on the sidelines and watch your kids take part in a charity activity at a fair or bigger event, get involved with them. Have some fun of your own, and make sure your child can see that – it’ll make them feel so much more happy about what they’re doing! Be sure to encourage your partner, and any other kids, into getting involved as well. Set a precedent! 

The importance of charity is fairly simple for a kid to understand, as long as you set an example, and follow it up with your actions!

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