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The spring wedding season is a beautiful time to have your ceremony and reception, especially in Texas where the weather is temperate, with bright spring days and flowers in bloom. How early do you need to book your wedding rentals?

Unlike venues, rentals for items like tables are not usually booked half a year or more out. They do get booked up during the high wedding season, though.

It’s not a bad idea to start shopping before the new year if you’re getting married any time between the end of February and the beginning of June. Wedding table rentals are a must-have if you are hosting the event outdoors or occupying a space that doesn’t come furnished, and other services will also need to be scheduled.

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How Many Tables Will You Need?

One of the worst snags a reception can hit is a seating crunch. Make sure you do your math carefully as you select your options. It’s a good idea to plan for a few empty seats. Take your RSVP list as a baseline and then figure in an extra ten percent or so in case anyone responds late or manages to make it at the last minute.

That also helps to hedge against a mistake in your math. Adding a little extra padding to your planning never hurts. As you check out wedding rentals in Houston, make sure you also check out whether the companies you consider deliver the tables. Some will for an extra fee, others will include it in the service.

Typically, the closer you get to your venue, the lower any transportation costs will be, whether you are planning to grab them for yourself or to have them dropped off by the rental service. As you get quotes, make sure you get all the details about what’s included and a bottom line price. That makes it easier to keep your budget straight.

Other Wedding Services To Consider

If you haven’t locked in your caterer by now, your choices are starting to contract. These services are more commonly booked close to the wedding ceremony. Make sure to evaluate which ones you need before the date gets too close. Wedding rentals Austin start booking up in the 90 days before the season starts.

  • Beverage services, alcoholic or otherwise
  • Cleaning services, if not provided with the venue
  • Car service for the day for the bridal party
  • Extras like photo booths and candy buffet tables

It’s your special day, so make sure you’ve got everything lined up to make it exactly the wedding you’ve always wanted. Along with your rentals and services, now is the time to get your thank you cards, guest book, and other supplies for the big day and afterwards.

Remember, it’s always easier to make sure you’ve covered everything when you work a plan. If you haven’t put it on paper yet, sit down with your soon-to-be spouse and put a list together. You can each reference the items that have been covered. That makes it easier to split everything up and to make sure no efforts are doubled.

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