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I have recently started to wear more make-up and have been trying out different products and different techniques. This week I wanted to share with you some bargain make-up buys from Amazon.

I know you may be thinking that if it is Amazon you just don’t know the quality and that can be the case but these are from one of the Amazon brands, eono, so you know the quality will be good.

Make-up bags

I love a good make-up bag and these two are great deals and perfect for different reasons.

This gorgeous purple bag is the perfect size for travel make up in my opinion and fits nicely in the large clear bag below if you want to take other bits with you too. I love the wide opening so you don’t have to root around for things too! This is £13.99 on Amazon but currently, you can tick a box for 10% off too! A great bargain make-up buy for your holidays.

I absolutely love this clear bag. It is currently £9.99 on Amazon and would fit the above make-up bag, cans of hair products and hair brush and more in it quite easily. Perfect for a weekend away, or perhaps a full holiday depending on how many toiletries you take!

Make-up brushes

Make up brushes make a nice gift and I think the ones from Amazon Eono are no exception. These are my favourites, an amazing set that is perfect if you want to just replace all your brushes at once, for a teenager for a gift or if you just love the design and a few individual brushes for when you need something specific.

This foundation brush feels to be as good quality to me as some expensive brushes I have used and is just £5.94 from Amazon. It is perfect for foundation, blending, and getting great, smooth coverage so definitely recommended in my opinion.

I hate my eyebrows and they never seem to look right so I tried out this eyebrow brush it was as good as any others I have used but I love that it has a soft brush on the other end too. It is a bargain at £2.99 from Amazon so definitely worth buying a new one if yours is looking a little tired.

I love the design of these brushes and think they look amazing but if you prefer a black or white set then there are identical sets in the range too.

This set is £17.99 on Amazon and has literally every brush you could possibly need and they are just as good quality as the individual brushes from what I have seen.

They would also make a lovely gift for a teenager or youngster who is just starting to try out make-up. A bargain make-up buy they will be able to practice with.

A travel mirror

When you go away and the mirror is rubbish it really doesn’t help your confidence in doing nice makeup, does it?

This lovely travel mirror is perfect to take with you and ensures that you don’t have to do your whole face of make-up standing up or with a mini handbag mirror!

This mirror folds flat or stands upright and the case to help it stand folds around it to protect it in your travels. It fits well into the clear bag above with everything else and is 20.5cm by 15.3cm in total, a little bigger than A5 size if that helps you picture it. The mirror is also from Amazon brand Eono and is £9.99 from Amazon but also has a current button to click for 10% off!

Whilst I have been sent these to try out and share with you I am definitely going to buy some Eono makeup products now I have tried these as I was thoroughly impressed with the quality and prices.

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