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We all know that getting things done in as little time as possible is essential for people leading busy lifestyles (which is all of us let’s face it), but when it comes to our health is this something we should rush or should we take care to get it right?

It is definitely something we need to consider carefully and make sure we are doing our best. The NHS reports that 10660 people were admitted to hospital in the last year, because of an obesity-related reason, and that currently, 29% of adults are obese.

So it goes without saying that more people than ever are looking for ways to become healthier and taking it very seriously as well.  

The fitness industry is now worth around £5bn in the UK, and that number just keeps growing, but what fads have come and gone over the decades and how has 2019 been for the fitness industry so far? Pop and buy some motivational fitness gear and make a start.

Exercise and Personal trainer


Of course, humans have been moving their bodies, and staying fit and healthy as a result, since the beginning of existence. But this used to be more a necessity rather than a choice, and even when civilisation became, well, more civilised, we still moved our bodies for sport and entertainment purposes.

The beginning of the ‘fitness industry’ as it stands now started when exercise became a clear choice, and we had the option to do no exercise at all if we wished.

In the early 20th century Professor Edmond Desbonnet played a big part in catapulting the ‘fitness industry’ into the forefront of people’s minds, through opening a chain of ‘fitness clubs’ and publishing the first ‘fitness journals’.

Many more people became intrigued by this way of exercising, and it has become more and more popular since then, with no signs of slowing down.

This occurred around the time that modern conveniences started developing, and more advanced exercise equipment became available too. We can all agree that the evolution of the fitness industry has been fascinating to watch, and in recent times, it has become a phenomenon in its own right.

The diet and exercise options are limitless now, and we’ve all heard of someone that is ‘trying a new thing’ to become fitter and healthier. But what is the ‘fitness industry’ and how exactly does it help people reach a healthier place in their lives? 


A considerable contribution to the fitness industry has undoubtedly been the rise of diets. From diet tea (or coffee) to detoxes, it seems as though we must have seen everything by now.

So how many more plans and pieces of equipment can there possibly be? Things used to be so simple with Lizzie Webb leading the way on morning TV, and the old cabbage soup diet, but we wonder if things are about to take a turn for the better?

Do we finally know enough about diets and how they affect our bodies? And has someone discovered the correct ‘formula’ yet? We’ve already realised that ‘diets’ don’t necessarily have to be that healthy to work, and the fastest way possible is usually the main goal for anyone looking to lose weight.

But in 2019 things have taken a different turn and people are becoming more educated about the need for nutrients, especially protein after a workout! Macros are becoming common knowledge, and people are learning more about what they need to do to achieve a balanced diet and lose weight. 

A juice bottle sitting on a table


Even though it’s said that weight loss is only 20% exercise and 80% of what you consume, it is of course incredibly important, especially since working your muscles has plenty of benefits in addition to calorie consumption.

Exercise works your heart muscle which keeps it healthy, exercise also boosts your immune system and helps you feel stronger, and not to mention the incredible endorphins you get from pushing yourself to your limits, you’ll be floating on air after a quick run! 

But for every Zumba class, there is a running club, for every Pound Fit class there is a Spin class, how do you know where to start? Well, that’s the beauty of exercise, we can all find the right thing for us and enjoy it.

We’re no longer having to run after our food (unless we miss the ice cream van!) and it’s fantastic that we’re able to fit our exercise into our lives without having to be stressed at the same time.

The world is your oyster, and if we’re not sure about attending a class with lots of people we don’t know there are plenty of ‘at home options’ from people like Andy Griffiths that will make sure we’re still able to reach our goals without leaving the house! 

You don’t even need to buy a DVD and DVD player anymore to be able to watch fitness videos and educate yourself anymore, a simple click and you’re online viewing an up to date video regarding any fitness related topic you can imagine.

Need a recipe for a gluten-free low-calorie snack? It’s covered. Want a 20-minute workout to follow while the kids are taking a nap? Also right there at your fingertips! It’s like magic. 


A game-changer when it comes to health and fitness has undoubtedly been the rise of the internet, while it’s sometimes used by people trying to scam you out of your hard-earned cash, there are many people who really know what they are talking about sharing their knowledge with the world online.

From children learning about yoga to elderly people learning about different exercises they can do on the sofa, to improve mobility, there really is education available for everyone.

Even those fitness instructors that are always trying to improve themselves now have access to a wealth of knowledge online too. Of course, if you’re looking for a real personal trainer, it’s best to check they have invested the right amount of time and money earning their qualifications, to be able to give serious advice on exercise and fitness, for your own safety as well.

Moving your body, using your muscles and eating healthier can never be a bad thing, so educating yourself about that is an excellent investment of time! 

Personal Trainers

What is the benefit of hiring a personal trainer, and where did this service come from? Personal training as a career didn’t really appear until the 1980s, so it really is a new form of support for personal fitness.

It’s only in the 2000s that the recognised qualifications arrived and it’s only in the last ten years that personal trainers have become a common addition to gyms around the country. 

Why are personal trainers becoming so popular? Well, we’re starting to realise that there are so many different fads and trends that it’s hard to cut through everything to find an actual answer half the time, we want results, fast.

So someone who has done the training knows what they are talking about and use tried and tested methods to get results for their clients is the obvious answer. That’s why we’re happy to invest our time and money in these 

A woman sitting on a yoga mat facing another woman

professionals. They also know how to motivate you every step of the way, which is another area that many people struggle with, we sometimes need a nudge in the right direction to keep us on track. They keep a record of our improvements over time, and the best personal trainers will have a keen interest in your development as well!

Changes this year

This year has seen improvements in the fitness industry and a move towards celebrating fitness in the media, events, festivals and awards ceremonies, has seen us take a massive step towards health and wellbeing vs just weight loss. We’ve become better educated, and we are investing more time and effort into the industry than ever before. 

The increase in body weight-based training has been impressive as well, it’s going back to basics while adding all the new knowledge and research at the same time. This method is easy to access and doesn’t require any equipment either which keeps costs down and participation high! 

There’s been new technology we’ve never seen before coming to light and fitness trackers are becoming more and more advanced every day.

The participation levels of endurance events such as Tough Mudder and Iron Man have been steadily increasing over the years, but even weekly events like ParkRun are attracting more crowds. 

People are now joining in with these activities, not as a chore, but they really are starting to enjoy them as a social event, and something to be proud of.

It’s less “are you coming to the pub” and more “are you coming for a run” now, and with the speed in which this industry is growing you’re going to be able to see plenty more changes in the near future, whether its diets, exercise, education or personal training we have all the opportunities in the world to discover the right balance for us. 

If you want to find new exercises to do check out my exercise section for lots of great ideas.

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