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I am always tired and feel like I need to look at my health more holistically. As you may know, I have anxiety and depression which I have talked about before. Whilst I am on antidepressants I am aware there is more I could do to help myself too. I took the health quiz from The Restored to see what would come up as my biggest issues.

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When I am tired I know my depression is worse. I am also rather moody! Whilst I also have big issues with self confidence and feel that this is often also linked. If I did more to look after myself in many ways then maybe my depression would be improved along with things like my sleep and motivation.

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The Restored Quiz

I love an online quiz don’t you? Whether it is to see which celebrity you are most like or what age you will live to it is all interesting and fun isn’t it. When I came across The Restored quiz I thought it sounded interesting. I know I need more sleep and more exercise but would it suggest any solutions?

These foundations of our health are so important and affect so much in our lives. Maybe restoring these foundations could change so much more than we realise?

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My Results

I spend a lot of time on the computer, not enough time exercising and out and about and definitely don’t get enough sleep. Answering that to questions straight away made me think that maybe I need to move more during the day and stop getting stressed at the computer all day!

My results suggested the first area I should work on is sleep. That totally makes sense as I already know that is a big impact on my mood for the day. I know when I am not tired I focus more and my productivity is much higher. Coffee really doesn’t help in the long term!

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How to get more sleep?

As a parent with a number of stresses in life it is not as easy as just saying, sleep more is it? Have you ever tried to sleep more when there is so much to do and worry about? It is never easy and gets you worrying more I find. So what is the answer?

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The Restored Tips for better sleep

Following completing the quiz you are able to access their free course to help you sleep better. With three choices of your biggest sleep struggle available I chose “Is stress affecting your sleep?”. I know that when things are on my mind I have a much poorer night’s sleep according to my Fitbit.

The course you can then join is full of tips and advice to help you along the way. Mindfulness techniques, routines and things to listen to before bed are there to help you to change the way you sleep.

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  1. Hey!

    My names callum and I’m glad I stumbled upon this challenge I think the affirmation that reeeeallly helped me was ‘the only approval I’ll ever need is mine’, as right now I’ve come out of the closet and in this moment of my life that’s just why I need to hear and believe from my inner talk! Cheers Jen 🥂

  2. I use to spend so much time on the computer. Now (outside of work) I have a rule of no screens at least 3 nights a week – its made my sleep patterns so much better!
    C x

  3. I really need to spend less time on the computer and more time moving too. I know I always feel a million times better once I’ve exercised x

  4. I’ve got a much better sleep pattern now than I ever used to and I feel so much better for it. Like you I spend a lot of time at my computer so I need to spend less time with tech to give my eyes a rest x

  5. The quiz sounds really interesting and a good way to encourage thinking about your lifestyle and ways to improve self care. I know I don’t get enough sleep and like you have bad night’s sleep when I have things on my mind. Will take a look at the quiz.

  6. The body and mind really pay the price when you don’t get enough sleep. I have been guilty of not taking enough self-care including not getting enough sleep numerous times.