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One of the UK cities you should explore at least once in your lifetime is Liverpool. It is romantic and, of course, there are so many historic as well as modern areas alongside such a huge musical history. The range of activities is therefore quite broad, though here are a few places not to miss.

Getting to Liverpool

An airport taxi is possibly the fastest means of transportation from the airport. To begin with, the chauffeur of the airport transfer will be aware of your flight number and wait in the event of a delay.

Second, you won’t have to wait and work out the details; AtoB airport transfers Liverpool will meet you right when you leave the terminal.

Thirdly, there won’t be any unpleasant shocks because you’ll know in preparation how much the trip by airport taxi will cost. Additionally, you will have the option of paying for AtoB Liverpool airport transfer with currency or a credit card.

21 years after the sad Beatles artist’s passing, in 2001, Liverpool’s airport was given the moniker Liverpool John Lennon Airport. This is not just a tribute: there is indeed a lot here that reminds us of Lennon. There is no dedicated train stop at the airport, however.

There are frequent bus routes from the airport to the closest stop, located at Liverpool South Parkway. Additionally, there are frequent transport routes that link John Lennon Airport and Liverpool’s centre.

If you are driving to Liverpool be sure to allow plenty of time to explore as soon as you arrive, or alternatively arrive in the evening to have a full day to explore the next day.

If you are arriving by train the station is very central to Liverpool so be sure to check where it is in relation to your hotel.

Football Stadiums

Anfield Stadium (one of the biggest in the UK) is definitely worth a visit and they offer stadium tours if this would be of interest to you.

If you prefer Everton football club then they are currently building a new stadium by the river you should check out.

Even if you are not a football fan you may still enjoy visiting these, even just from the outside.

The coast and river

Only three miles from the coast, on the bank of the Mersey Forest, is where Merseyside’s centre is located. The Mersey is now almost one mile broad, allowing access to an estuary that is three miles wide inside.

This is one of the factors influencing Liverpool’s continued importance as a significant harbour for transatlantic shipping, despite having one of the biggest tidally independent ports in the world.

If you choose to stay in Liverpool for a weekend, you will have plenty of time to make a thorough tour and indulge in nostalgia as well as culture.


Liverpool is well-known for being The Beatles’ home. The Beatles Story at Albert Dock and the renovated Cavern Club, where they made their debut in 1961, are frequently included in the various excursions that give admirers the chance to follow them (Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields).

Other Beatles-related locations include 20 Fortlin Road, McCartney’s old residence where the group composed and practised many of their early compositions, The Cave Walks (which features paintings by Cynthia Lennon), The Beatles Shop, and other locations, which you can reach by Liverpool airport transfer. The property is open to the public, as are Beatles memorabilia and photographs.

Royal Albert Dock

A stroll along the so-called Albert Dock is among the finest activities to see and do in the city. As a dock and storage location, it is a World Heritage Site, and it is situated on the shores of the River Mersey.

Due to the abundance of stores, eateries, and a Ferris wheel nearby, it is now among the most popular locations. Additionally, you can take a brief cruise around the region for a reasonable fee and appreciate it.

The International Slavery Museum, located near the dry docks where 18th-century slave ships were repaired and outfitted, as well as the National Border Patrol Museum, tells the tale of smuggling and contraband from the 1700s to the present day.

Merseyside Maritime Museum

Many interesting exhibits about the numerous thousands of immigrants who crossed the Mersey from Britain to North America between 1830 and 1930 can be found at the Maritime Museum in Liverpool.

A noteworthy collection of relics from Liverpool’s maritime past, which dates back to its beginnings as a fishing harbour in the 13th century, is also housed in the museum.

Model ships, workshops, and historic boats serve as illustrations for this complex past. Exhibits about the history of the Titanic and Lusitania, two of history’s most infamous and sad passenger ships, are equally intriguing. Each with strong links to Liverpool.

Walker Art Gallery

One of the biggest art collections in England outside of London is housed at the Walker Art Museum, a museum located in Liverpool. A comprehensive collection of statuary, decorative arts, and paintings dating from the 13th century to the present can be found at the Walker Art Gallery.

The best collection of historical art outside of London you can see after arrival by AtoB airport taxi in this building, which was initially built for city residents.

It has held Liverpool’s most notable art collection for 130 years. Many of the most significant pieces in the museum have been on view in the city for close to 200 years.

Liverpool Christ Church

The fifth-largest church in the globe is the Liverpool church of Christ and the Virgin Mary, which is also the largest in the United Kingdom. It is regarded as one of the most well-known and well-liked locations in the metropolis.

Even though construction started in 1904, it wasn’t finished until 1978. The biggest collection of bells in the world, including the largest bell weighing 31 tonnes, is housed in the 67-meter-tall bell tower.

The church also has the biggest organ in the UK, and it is adorned with magnificent statues and neo-Gothic stained-glass windows. The chance to observe the city from the 101-meter-tall cathedral tower will particularly appeal to travellers, who come here on their weekend. The church premises also include a bar and a store.

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