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Getting out in the summer sun is one of the simplest pleasures you can enjoy – so if you can have your own horsey friend to accompany you on your trip outdoors then the more the merrier! There’s nothing better than riding your horse through nature with the sun on your back but it’s very important that you take care on those hot days – both for yourself and your horse!

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I’ve drummed together a few helpful tips with the help from the team at Spillers Horse Feed to protect the pair of you while you’re out and about checking out the scenery and riding all the way.

Lather on the suncream

Hot day? You better make sure that suncream is caked on you or you’ll burn to a crisp! Make sure you get all your exposed areas taken care of – remember that just because you’re wearing your helmet doesn’t mean your face is exempt from this. It’s also worth mentioning that your horse can also suffer from sunburn on certain areas – especially if they’re white! You can get horse-specific sun block to help protect them, too, just rub it into any of their white/pink areas.

Wear the right clothing

It may seem like the perfect weather for shorts, a short sleeve tee and letting your hair down, but just like riding a motorbike, you should never sacrifice your safety for a little more comfort! It’s paramount that you keep the same outfit choices you always do for horseriding: long sleeve top, helmet and riding boots. These pieces of kit will protect you from the potential dangers that can occur if you fall off.  Thankfully, there are more lightweight options for this protective gear you can opt for if you want to feel a bit cooler as you trot along!

Tell the flies goodbye!

We all know the struggles of being swarmed by flies as soon as we step out the door in the summer. You’re probably used to spraying repellent on your horse as you turn them out so it’s always a good idea to spray that fly repellent all over yourself and your horse before you head out on a ride. There’s nothing more irritating to a horse than having flies buzz around their eyes – and it won’t feel particularly nice for you either.

Plan your day effectively

We all want to make the most of the summer sun, but if you go out when the sun is at its hottest then both you and your horse will struggle. Try to keep your horseriding to an early morning/late afternoon. If you absolutely have to get out during peak times, then be sure to choose a nice route that’s well equipped with shade so you can both keep cool.

Keep hydrated

This is an important tip for every kind of weather, but especially in the summer. Make sure that you keep the both of you regularly hydrated when horseriding by taking short breaks to have a sip each – otherwise you both run the risk of heat exhaustion or even heat stroke. You should always pay attention to your horse for signs like shortness of breathing or stumbling and seek to give them a drink as soon as possible. If your horse has lost a lot of sweat, then it is definitely worth considering putting electrolytes in the water.

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