Guest Post from Ben’s Autistic World sharing his thoughts of the Trainfit Apparel.

My mum has worked with Trainfit before so when they contacted me, I was very eager as I love my clothes. I am a big fan of brands so was impressed by the brands available at Trainfit too.

What apparel do they do?

Trainfit do lots of apparel ranging from hoodies to joggers and shorts. They also have lots of different gym apparel. When I looked on the website, I was surprised by what they stock and the selection of the apparel they do. There are a huge variety of styles and sizes so there is something for everyone.

What did I get sent?

I got sent the Origin V2 Active Shorts, they are black and gold which is one of my favourite combinations. They have a really snazzy pattern which looks very nice. I think they would suit a variety of ages too as my dad said he liked the look of them too.

How comfy were they?

They are very comfy and feel really easy to put on as they have a stretchy waistband. I like that they are quite lightweight and allow for lots of air to keep you cool in the summer and anywhere warm.

They fit loosely and are really comfortable just to lounge around in as well as walk or even go to the gym.

What did I think of them?

They are very comfy, very snazzy and are one of the best shorts I have ever worn. they really are my style and the gold writing is perfect as it just finishes them off nicely. I definitely think that these will become one of my go-to pairs of shorts as they fit perfectly and I love them.

Would I recommend Trainfit?

Yes, there is a wide range for any athlete or casual wearer like me. I would recommend them again as they are very stylish and comfy. I definitely think that I will get more apparel from them again. Of course, you will also find other things like this WOD timer and other accessories.

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