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Do you enjoy the gym but find it frustrating not being able to time accurately the reps you do? The Trainfit portable WOD timer could be perfect for you. Read on to find out more about it. Perhaps you could buy it as a gift for your fitness trainer?

What is the WOD timer?

When you need to time your workout specifically because you are training for an event, or just trying to beat your personal best a timer is essential. Whilst you could use a timer on your phone or watch it is usually hard to say, hard to use whilst working out, and generally not ideal.

This is where the Trainfit portable WOD timer is perfect. It is big and chunky enough to see easily, especially if you don’t need your glasses when working out but struggle to focus! Equally, it is portable and easy to pop into the pocket of your sports bag!

The timer is wireless and easily recharged using an included USB cable. It has buttons on the timer you can use or it can be set up to be used with Bluetooth to your phone if you prefer.

Using a magnetic timer like this is perfect at the gym where it is not always somewhere suitable to put things other than a drink, towel and a phone!

How easy is the WOD timer to set up and use?

I would definitely recommend the Trainfit WOD timer to those who hate long set-up times on new gadgets. It is really easy to set up and the instructions are clear and concise.

The timer includes a useful bag so it is easy to use and carry around along with the charging cable if needed. It has 8 different time modes so perfect whether you like interval training, HIIT or something else. With the handy countdown buzzer, you are sure to get the most from your workout too!

If you are looking for a gift for someone training for an event or who loves their time at the gym this would be perfect. Alternatively, why not treat yourself to it to supercharge your workout and ensure you can beat that personal best again and again!

Whether you are getting back into exercise after giving birth or have been every week for years this is the gadget for you!

Buy the Trainfit WOD timer here for an RRP of £99.99 but currently on offer at £79.99.

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