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Are you looking to turn your business into an eco-friendly enterprise? Many people are becoming more concerned about their impact on the world around us. As such, making environmentally friendly decisions means that people look into the businesses whose products and services they use to ensure they meet their standards, boosting their morals rather than being contradictory.

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To be sure to appeal to the broadest range of people as well as do your bit for the planet, consider looking at the following areas to help move your business into an eco-friendly enterprise over the next few months.

Do digital

It can be difficult getting used to the digital world, but it really is a revelation when it comes to the world around us. Rather than printing out invoices and sending them through the post to your customers, email them. Keep a copy securely on your server; don’t even think about printing and adding to your filing cabinet. So much paper (and money!) gets wasted unnecessarily. Of course, some clients may not be online or find it challenging and therefore need paper copies, but they would be exceptions to your general practice.


How many times have you bought something online and received an enormous box (way too big for the product) jam-packed with plastic to stop it from rocking around? This is a great way to turn your business into an eco-friendly enterprise!

Eco-friendly packaging can help you to become a zero-waste business by reducing the amount of waste you produce. Eco-friendly packaging is made from sustainable materials that can be reused or recycled. This means that less waste is sent to landfill, and it also reduces the environmental impact of your business. eco-friendly packaging can also help you to save money on your packaging costs. So, not only is it good for the environment, it’s good for your bottom line too!

Packaging often comes with so much waste, so investigate compostable and recyclable options, such as those from Tyler Packaging. Your customers will undoubtedly appreciate the effort you have gone to in order to improve your practices, and the impact on the environment is significant.


Whether you have premises or you run your business from home, there are likely a number of changes you could make to improve your energy efficiency. Try to have LED lights and ones which come on using a sensor, reducing the wastage.

Don’t forget to look at the insulation within your office or premises to ensure that during the colder winter months, the energy used to heat your property doesn’t go to waste. Often, heat is lost, and way more money and energy than necessary are spent trying to regulate the temperature. this really can help make a different in turning your business into an eco-friendly enterprise

Upcycling or second-hand purchases

If you are redecorating or revamping your business instead of buying new, why not transform existing furniture and upcycle it to fit the eco-friendly ethos? More often than not, a piece of furniture is still useable just has a few knocks or scratches on it. If things are no longer fit for purpose, perhaps buying replacement items second-hand could be a better option. There are lots of places that sell office furniture that is in great condition.

Upgrade your outside space

Often, the outside of business premises can be neglected as long as it looks presentable. Actually, the outdoor space offers a great opportunity to support the environment. Spend a small amount of time and money planting some shrubs and trees. As well as looking lovely and welcoming, they are also a vital part of the world, helping to protect against pollution and supporting the ecosystem.

Will you turn your business into an eco-friendly enterprise this year?

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