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A mother is the first special woman in most people’s lives. They take care of you, raise and continue mothering even when you are a fully functional adult. While most people wait for mother’s day to do something special for their mothers, it is also important to make them feel appreciated and loved throughout the year. Why not treat your mum today? 

You do not have to wait for a day in a year to do special things for your mum. Here are ten amazing ways to show love to your mum throughout the year.

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Pick some flowers for Mum

Mothers love flowers, and sending them a lush bouquet on a random Tuesday afternoon is one of the easiest ways to make your mum feel happy. Flowers are a token of gratitude that guarantees to impress any recipient. If you know her favourite flowers, you can order an assorted arrangement that will put a smile on her face.

Write a heartfelt thank you

Sometimes all it takes is a message of gratitude to make your mum feel special. Sometimes, kids take for granted the role mums play in their life. Remembering to thank your mum is listed as one of the current trends of Mother’s Day that makes her feel appreciated and her efforts noticed.

Consider writing a heartfelt thank you note reminding her of the impact she has had in your life. A simple thank you note can go a long way to treat your mum and make her day special. 

Prepare her a personalised gift basket

No one knows a mother better than her children. If you know what your mum likes, preparing a customised gift basket is also an ideal way of showing her love. From sweets to her favourite kitchen equipment and even clothes, the options are limitless when putting together a gift basket. Fill a lavish hamper to the brim with different treats and goodies.

Get Her Breakfast in Bed

If you still live with your mum or visit often, you should consider surprising her with breakfast in bed. Mothers are always up early to ensure there is breakfast ready for the family so why not treat your mum instead. Having someone else prepare breakfast gives her time to relax and sleep in.

Give Her an At-Home Spa Treatment

A mother’s day-to-day life usually is hectic, especially if she takes care of the home and still has kids depending on her. Booking an at-home spa day is the perfect way to give her time to unwind and be pampered. The spa day can include hairstyling, a massage, and mani/Pedi treats.

Bake her a cake

While ordering your mum’s favourite cake is nice, it will mean more when you bake one for her. Take time to learn of her favourite cake recipe to ensure you bake the best version of it. Consider icing it with a sweet message of love for her.  

Watch Mum’s favorite movie

If your mum has a favourite movie, one of the ways you can spend quality time with her while showing her love is indulging in a whole day marathon of her favourite shows. If it is a classic showing in a theatre, make an advance booking to ensure you get the best seats.

Make a slide show or video

From the time you were a child, you have gathered thousands of pictures and amazing memories with your mum. Show her your appreciation by creating a video or slideshow of all your memories and special moments. This is bound to treat your mum and bring happy tears to her eyes.

Clean her house

House cleaning becomes tougher for mums as they grow older. Sometimes, all they need is a helping hand. If you have time, you can take on the task of cleaning her house or hire a cleaning service to give it a top to bottom clean.  

Just Talk Endlessly

Mum’s love listening, but they also love having someone to talk to endlessly. As much as possible, always take the time to see her. Take her on lunch and coffee dates to create time to have conversations. Remember to ask her about her current life to know what you can do to make it better.


You do not have to wait for mother’s day to make your mum feel special and treat your mum. With the tips in this article, you can ensure your mum known how special she is by doing something special for her or with her every other day.

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