Have you been busy worrying about other people and not spent enough time on yourself? Here are some ideas of simple things you can treat yourself to and 5 ways to put yourself first in a small way.

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Beauty products

Have you stopped wearing makeup or having your nails done because you don’t see anyone anyway, maybe due to working from home? I have found I wear makeup even less often than I already did.

How about buying products to do your own nails? There is no reason you shouldn’t have nice nails without paying salon prices.

Buy yourself flowers

Do you need to wait for flowers to be bought for you? I don’t think so, treat yourself to a beautiful bunch of flowers. They look lovely for a week or so and every time you see them you will feel good.

What are your favourite flowers? I love lilies but they make me sneeze so I have to have the ones without pollen! I also love tulips and generally mixed bunches. I am quite easy to please, to be honest with flowers and like most varieties.

Buy a book or magazine

I love reading and spend time reading my favourite crime magazines often but rarely treat myself. If I do buy a book I sit and read it daily and really enjoy it. Why not treat yourself to a book or magazine? There are so many books I am sure whatever your interests you will find something suitable.

A book or magazine is purely for you so why not treat yourself like this? For a few pounds, you have a few hours of relaxation. Definitely my kind of budget treats for myself.

A gadget

There are so many gadgets out there, is there one you would love that would make life easier or perhaps more fun? For example, something like an Echo Dot is around £30 and would give you music on demand whenever you fancy.

I have treated myself before to a new smartwatch and whilst it is a little more expensive than a book or makeup it is something that makes me feel good.

Whether you buy a gadget for £10 or £100 if it is something you love then why not put yourself first and buy it if you can afford it?

Treat yourself to perfume

Do you wear perfume daily? If you don’t then why not wear it more often? This doesn’t cost you anything if you already have the perfume. If you smell good you will of course feel much better about yourself. Throughout the day this little buzz of smelling your favourite person is good.

If you have the money then why not treat yourself to some new perfume too? If you are a bit short on money then even a nice body spray can have the same effect.

What do you do to treat yourself? Pop a comment below to give me and others more ideas of how we can all treat ourselves more during the stress of the pandemic.

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