When I was young I desperately wanted to be an adult. I know Ben now at 14 feels the same, we all did, didn’t we? It is surprising how as a teenager being an adult seems like such an amazing accomplishment but then we look back and wish we were young again. Here I thought I would share with you some funny unexpected costs of being an adult!

woman sorting out bills with calculator
a woman with unpaid bills has many debts. unemployment and personal bankruptcy

Bills you never knew existed

As a child or teenager did you know that your parents had to pay for water? It seems bizarre doesn’t it because we learn in science about the water cycle of rain and evaporation etc, yet we don’t realise that we have to pay for clean water.

Things like council tax are costs we just didn’t ever consider. Electricity on the other hand is something that we probably were aware of, especially if your parents ever said to you “it’s like Blackpool illuminations here!”

Dental costs

Under 16’s or those in full-time education get free dental care. As such it is easy to not even consider that will be a cost when you grow up! Sadly it is tough and can be blooming expensive. Some dentists are more reasonable than others.

House repairs

As a teenager, I couldn’t wait to have my own place. Did I think about the costs of owning a house, the costs of furniture and decorating? Of course not! Maybe you guys did but I know I didn’t.

Who knew how expensive boilers are and how hard it is to get a burglar alarm engineer to come out on a bank holiday? Crazy stuff isn’t it, wandering around B&Q looking for a bit to fix a toilet that won’t flush properly. This is not the adulthood I planned!

Pensions and thinking or retirement

When you are young you can’t wait to be an adult but little do you realise that before you know it you will be thinking about how much to spend on pension contributions to ensure you have a great retirement.

Scary really isn’t it that we can’t wait to be an adult then we worry about getting old? Then there are things like insurance, who knew that we would have to plan for when we die and how much we are worth?

I want to be a child again, how about you?

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